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Our mission is to help test and measurement professionals make informed purchasing decisions and to guide them to the best available products for their application.

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To assist your product research, we have cataloged all manufacturers, product home pages, datasheets, applications, and manuals. While we do not sell any of these products, we do have links to Contact/Sales, Distributors/Reps, and Buy Online pages.

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SemiTek International

SemiTek International is a leading manufacturer of discrete device test equipment. Our systems are designed to test the electrical integrity of discrete devices like * Transistors * IGBT * SCR * Optocouplers * MOSFETS * Relays * Triacs * Sidacs * Arrays * JFet * Diodes Focused on the growing needs of the discrete test industry, we continue to develop test solutions for testing integrated devices and for high-power test needs.

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  • 870 N Dorothy Drive, Suite 714
    Richardson, TX 75081
    United States

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