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Starting from providing equipment for metrological laboratories, we headed towards the delivery of high-accuracy measuring products for Russian manufacturing enterprises in the most important fields, including defense industry, oil processing, aviation, automotive, consumer and food industries, as well as in metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

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  • Control module

    ZET 7060-S - ZETLAB Company

    ZET 7060-S – stepper motor digital control module with RS-485 interface.

  • Control Module

    ZET 7160-S - ZETLAB Company

    ZET 7160-S is a step engine control digital unit with CAN 2.0 interface. A step control signal is fed from the digital port. It determines the number of steps the step engine must be turned by, and the speed the step engine is to move with.

  • Automation

    50 Hz Adaptive Filter - ZETLAB Company

    One of the main causes of the reduction of accuracy in low frequency signal parameters measurements is the influence of artificial and natural electromagnetic interferences on measuring channels of measuring tools (MT). Under laboratory, production and natural conditions, the main interference is 50 Hz network interference. To eliminate this interference, ZETLAB software package uses a program providing a 50 Hz band-stop filter.

  • Automation

    Arithmometer Software - ZETLAB Company

    Arithmometer is used for arithmetic operations with instantaneous signal values coming to the input channels of ADC modules and spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the current value of the selected arithmetic operation. After starting, the program creates additional virtual channel  whose values can be used in all ZETLAB programs.

  • Automation

    Controller, PID Controller - ZETLAB Company

    The controller is used on personal computers with spectrum analyzers, a strain-gauge station or a seismic station with analogue and digital inputs and outputs connected to it.

  • Automation

    ZETLAB Formula - ZETLAB Company

    ZETLAB Formula is a program used for mathematical operations with signals, signal filtration, and parameters measurements, producing signals with various shapes. ZETLAB Formula is a virtual measuring tool allowing to perform arithmetical and logical operations and filtration of constant data flows received from ADC and DAC modules and virtual channels in real-time mode. In the post-processing mode, it is possible to perform various operations with the files created by means of “Signals recording” program.

  • Automation

    Signal Filtration - ZETLAB Company

    Signal Filtration is used for filtering signals coming to the input channels of spectrum analyzers, strain-gauge stations, and seismic stations, for further processing by ZETLAB programs. Signal Filtration can also be used for processing virtual channels created by such programs as Vibration Meter, Strain-Gauge Sensor, etc. Signal Filtration operates with signals both in real time and with reproduced of recorded signals.

  • Charge Amplifier

    ZET 440 - ZETLAB Company

    Charge amplifier ZET 440 for piezoelectric detectors is intended for:*amplification and conversion of output signals of primary piezoelectric transducers with charge output;*amplification and conversion of output signals of primary transducers with the IEPE type in-built electronics to voltage;*gain ratios: 1, 10, 100;*LPF: 0.1, 1, 10 Hz


    AP 1019 - ZETLAB Company

    The compact accelerometers AP1019 (AP19) are intended for measuring vibration and shock acceleration when integrated in portable or stationary diagnostic systems for laboratory studies use.

  • Closed-loop servohydraulic test bench control system

    ZETLAB Company

    Closed-loop servohydraulic test bench control system is based on digital devices of ZETSENSOR series with CAN interface. This system has fast response characteristics, high precision, and compact dimensions. The system enables comprehensive control of the servo drive in automated mode in compliance with the set test parameters such as pressure (force), displacement, along with the parallel control of other system parameters such as temperature, pressure, filter plugging, oil pressure, etc.

  • Mobile measuring system

    ZETLAB Company

    For the purpose of oscillations period determination, there is used an indirect measuring method, which registers oscillation processes in three mutually transverse axes. As a result of measurements, one can obtain oscillations period values and corresponding decrement values for each of the axes.

  • Measurement

    Multichannel Strain Gauge Meter - ZETLAB Company

    The Software Multichannel strain gauge meter is used for performing all types of strain gauge measurements using strain gauge sensors (for instance, force and torque sensors, bridge and semi-bridge circuits based on resistive strain sensors), strain measurement data acquisition modules ZET 017-T and digital strain gauge sensors of ZETSENSOR series. The program enables simultaneous processing of up to 128 measuring channels using strain gauge station and up to 500 measuring channels in the case if digital sensors are used.

  • Measurement

    Phasemeter - ZETLAB Company

    Phasemeter is used for measuring the phase difference of two signals coming to the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers. The upper line of the indicator displays the current phase difference value in degrees, the lower line – phase difference value in radians. It is possible to change the averaging of the displayed value (0.1 or 1 s) and to select necessary FFT spectrum analyzer channels.

  • Measurement

    Vibration Meter - ZETLAB Company

    The input signal of the Vibration meter software, which is the output signal of the accelerometer, i.e. the vibrational acceleration signal, is filtered by means of one of four possible digital band filters. Then, based on this signal, vibrational velocity and displacement signals are calculated by means of integrating filters. Thus, the software generates three signals which are transferred to the ZETLAB data server virtual channels created by the program and having the word “Acceleration”, “Speed” or “Displacement” in their names, respectively.Signals are averaged for a selected time interval (0.1 s, 1 s, or 10 s), after which the obtained values are displayed in the dialog box elements of the Vibration meter program. It is possible to display a root-mean-square (RMS), average amplitude or peak value.

  • Measurement

    Torsiograph - ZETLAB Company

    Torsiograph is used for measuring the rotation non-uniformity in rotating parts of various mechanisms. Torsiograph generates virtual channels for displacement and displacement velocity. These channels are available for further analysis by ZETLAB programs, e.g. for displaying on the oscillograph.