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Rtec Instruments specializes in tribology high tech instrument design and manufacturing. We offer products for both nanotechnology and traditional industries. Few of our products includes tribometers, high temperature indenters, 3d profilometers, optical profilometer, atomic force microscope, mechanical property tester, film thickness measurement, stress tester etc. We also provide paid testing and legal services.

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  • 3D Scratch Tester

    US-2 - Rtec Instruments

    Rtec 3D scratch tester equipment to study scratch adhesion, scratch hardness, scratch resistance at nano, micro and macro scale. Inline integrated 3D profiler allows to create 3D stitched images to comprehensively and conclusively characterize the coating failures. Advanced capacitive sensors allows to measure penetration depth with resolution needed to differentiate coatings that have similar properties.

  • Fretting Tester

    FFT Series - Rtec Instruments

    Fretting wear is a test where surface damage occurs between two contacting surfaces experiencing oscillatory displacement of small amplitude. At the contact point, lubricant/coating is squeezed out or the low amplitude motion does not permit the contact area to be re lubricated/ debris dislodge resulting in serious local wear occurs. This type of wear causes two-body abrasion, adhesion and/or fretting fatigue wear.

  • CMP Tester

    CP-6 - Rtec Instruments

    The state of the art Rtec CMP tester CP-6 allows to study and characterize CMP process like never before. In addition to polishing wafers & substrates the tester comes with inline surface profilometer. This combinations sheds information on why and how the surface, friction, wear etc. changed. Tester also measures several inline parameters such as friction, surface roughness, wear volume etc. to understand the process in detail.

  • Hot Temperature Hardness Tester

    1200C - Rtec Instruments

    Rtec high temperature hardness tester is used to do high temperature materials testing up to 1200C. To prevent oxidation of tip and the samples the high temperature indenter comes with sealed chamber with inert gas. High resolution programmable down force control and XY stage allows to do multiple indents on same or multiple samples with ease.

  • Air Jet Erosion Tester

    AJ-1000 - Rtec Instruments

    The state of the art Rtec Air jet erosion tester AJ-5000 allows to test repeated impact erosion test that delivers a stream gas with abrasive particles. The tester comes with close loop temperature control upto 900C. The tester is used to rank erosion of various materials, coatings etc. across a wide range of abrasive particle materials, shape, size at various temperature and impact speed.

  • Multi Function Tribometer

    MFT-5000 - Rtec Instruments

    The state of the art Rtec Multi Function tribometer Mft-5000 is globally regarded as the most versatile and technologically advanced tribometer. Manufactured at silicon valley, California it is used by several top labs, universities and industries. The tribometer offers next generation patented force sensors with ultra low resolution, highest speeds and wide environmental control range than any other commercially existing tribometer. The patented integrated 3D profilometer allows to analyse surface change vs time. The universal tribometer MFT5000 allows to create a comprehensive report on friction, wear, tribology and surface analysis.

  • Adhesion Tester

    Surf-2 - Rtec Instruments

    Rtec Adhesion Tester is a turn key solution to measure Pull up Adhesion force, Work of Adhesion and Shear Adhesion of materials. Equipped with Ultra-Sensitive Capacitance Load Cells this tester provides ┬ÁN level resolution with forces up to 5N. The High-Resolution sensors allow characterization of large samples over macroscopic length scales to study the effect of texture and other surface modifications. Integrated with High Resolution Inverted Camera, it allows the researchers to measure Contact Area vs. Force making it extremely useful in measuring Adhesion of Soft Materials, Biomimetics and Hydrogels.

  • Universal Profilometer

    UP-24 - Rtec Instruments

    The state of the art Rtec Universal Profilometer has revolutionized optical profilometer. Manufactured at silicon valley, California. It is used by several top labs, universities and industries. The UP-24 uniquely combines 4 imaging modes on one head. With click of a button the imaging mode changes. This combination allows to image any surface with ease - transparent, flat, dark, flat, curved etc

  • Tribocorrosion Tester

    ASTM G119 - Rtec Instruments

    Tribocorrosion involves studying Wear Evaluation of Protective Coatings. It involves mechanical and electrochemical interactions between components in motion. Rtec Tribocorrosion modules measures inline current, voltage, friction, wear, temperature , down force, ear, acoustic emissions at all times. Currently used by several Fortune 500 firms globally.