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It has become a recognized standard in time domain EM calculations and has extensive application in commercial, government and research activities. In addition to XFDTD, Remcom has developed the companion product XGTD, a high frequency EM solver based on application of diffraction theory. Other Remcom products include the radio frequency propagation prediction tool Wireless InSite, and VariPose, which allows bio-electromagnetic calculations for human bodies in realistic positions. Remcom also contracts with government and private industries for research and development in applied electromagnetics.

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  • Rotman Lens Designer

    Remcom Inc,

    Rotman Lens Designer (RLD) is a software tool for the design, synthesis, and analysis of Rotman Lenses and their variants. It is based on Geometrical Optics combined with the classical Rotman Lens design equations. It is intended for rapid development and analysis of Rotman Lenses given several physical and electrical input parameters. RLD generates the proper lens contours, transmission line geometry, absorptive port (dummy port) geometry, provides an approximate analysis of performance, and generates geometry files for import into Remcom's XFdtd® for further analysis and fabrication.

  • EMI/EMC for Electrically-Large Platforms

    XGtd® - Remcom Inc,

    XGtd is a general purpose ray-based electromagnetic analysis tool for assessing the effects of a vehicle or vessel on antenna radiation, predicting coupling between antennas, and predicting radar cross section (RCS). It is ideally suited for applications with higher frequencies or very large platforms where the requirements of a full physics method may exceed available computational resources.

  • 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

    XFdtd® - Remcom Inc,

    A full-featured simulation solver, XFdtd outpaces other methods in efficiency as the number of unknowns increases. XF includes full-wave, static, bio-thermal, optimization, and circuit solvers to tackle a wide variety of applications, including antenna design and placement, biomedical and SAR, EMI/EMC, microwave devices, radar and scattering, automotive radar, and more. It also works with Remcom's ray-tracing products to provide thorough simulation capability at the low-, middle-, and high-end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Propagation Software

    Wireless InSite - Remcom Inc,

    Wireless InSite is a suite of ray-tracing models and high-fidelity EM solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio propagation and wireless communication systems. The software provides efficient and accurate predictions of EM propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments.