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Captronic Systems endeavors to provide its clients with the right Virtual Instrumentation solution. This, we achieve by combining latest innovative technology products from world leaders with our technical expertise and commitment.

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  • Capture Fatigue

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Targeted to match the automated testing needs, control and acquisition requirements, across a diverse spectrum of sectors, Capture Fatigue is a solution that enables analyzing the fatigue and stress at various points in any structure while predicting the operation life of that structure. The device records strain data which is needed for analyzing module is measured through the strain gauges.

  • Capture SoE

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Devised to track failure this Sequence of Events Logger can swiftly match to a specific sub system in the environment whereby achieving accuracy as well as promptness in resolving a problem. To achieve this high level of efficiency the logger is designed in manners which enable monitoring and register pre-determined parameters of the targeted environment through multiple recording entities.

  • Remote Monitoring System

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    A web-based, on-line Remote Monitoring System, Capture Remote in an effective installation for transformers, electric motors, gear boxes, pumps, fans, rollers, turbines, conveyors, compressors and many other mechanical or electro mechanical equipments.

  • Rugged dDta Acquisition and Control Systems

    IVDAS - Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    IVDAS belongs to R-DACS family of rugged data acquisition and control systems designed by Captronic Systems. IVDAS is a rugged, high-performance data acquisition system for ground-mobile vehicles including commercial as well as defense automotives. This is a measurement & control system with low power consumption designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and very compact in size. The re-configurable FPGA backbone provides flexibility to define various types of input/output channels to work at high speed. IVDAS includes value-added & user-friendly software along with rugged circular

  • Frequency Response Analysis

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) offers useful insights in understanding stability, performance of control systems. By optimizing the single sine technique, the FRA records precise measurements of gain and phase, between any two points in a system.

  • Sound and Vibration Analyzer

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Vibration is one of the key indicators for diagnosing the defects on rotating machine device or characterizing the structural parameters. The CAPSYS sound and vibration analyzing system is comprehensive application oriented to provide powerful real time analysis and the necessary tools that are required for sound and vibration analysis from the signal acquisition to reporting. This system offers sophisticated, high accuracy measurements for applications such as rotating machinery, acoustics and structural vibration.

  • Capture Telemetry

    Captronic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Specifically designed to transmit and receive the PCM telemetry data. The I/O hardware is configurable and can be used on FPGA module by operating on a 40MHz. The FPGA module used has multiple digital lines, so that the same stream can be generated on multiple channels. Data that is transmitted and stored in a Current Value Table (CVT) on the FPGA memory. By optimizing the GUI provided through the software module, or programmatically, the CVT contents can be changed on the fly by the user.