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The LX instruments GmbH was originally founded in 2006 as a solution provider for all questions relating to instruments and systems of electronic measurement technology. Schwerpunktmäßg our systems are based on the LXI Standard (LAN based Extensions for Instrumentation), an open industry standard.

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  • Test Database Software

    LXinstruments GmbH

    The relational test database is the pivotal point of the software structure. On one hand, this is where the test applications and test systems used for productive testing are stored; on the other hand, it provides the storage space for all DUT-related test data. Depending on customer requirements, the test database may either be hosted locally on the test system or centrally on a server, supporting several test systems. The database performance is sufficient for a high-volume production environment with many test systems which access the central database in parallel. LXinstruments prefers to implement the database as a license-free MySQL database; it is however also possible to realize a version based on Microsoft SQL.

  • Test Sequencers for Functional Testing

    Testsequencer - LXinstruments GmbH

    The use of test sequencers for functional testing is crucial in order to increase productivity during the implementation and maintenance of the test software. Test sequencers make it possible to decouple the actual product-specific test sequences from infrastructure components like e. g. user interface, data storage, process interfaces and driver libraries. This ensures easy reusability of the implemented software components.