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  • Fastest In-Circuit Test Platform

    TestStation - Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne’s TestStation in-circuit test systems provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality, high-volume testing for the latest printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies that are used in automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, communications, and defense end-products.

  • High Speed Automation for TestStation

    Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne's TestStation High-Speed Inline Automated Handler is compatible with TestStation Multi-Site Inline configurations designed for the most productive and lowest cost in-circuit test package.

  • High-Speed Memory Test Solution

    UltraFLEX-M - Teradyne, Inc.

    The UltraFLEX-M builds on the advanced test technology and architecture of the proven UltraFLEX test system to ensure high test quality at the lowest cost of test for high-speed memory devices.

  • Replacement Instruments

    ZT-Series - Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne's ZT-Series replacement instruments provide drop-in replacements for widely deployed modular oscilloscopes, digitizers and frequency references. Instruments are available for Agilent and Analogic oscilloscopes, Racal arbitrary waveform generators and Symmetricom's modular reference and distribution amplifiers.

  • RF Test System

    J750-LitePoint - Teradyne, Inc.

    With the proliferation of RF into microcontrollers and other stand-alone wireless SoC devices, the introduction of LitePoint instrumentation to the J750 system delivers a cost-effective, complete production test solution covering global wireless connectivity and cellular standards. The J750-LitePoint provides dedicated on-instrument DSP for high-throughput RF signal processing, an extensive wireless software library and a comprehensive debug tool suite. Now, the J750 can test an even broader range of applications while continuing to deliver superior cost efficient and rapid time-to-market.

  • PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem

    HSSub - Teradyne, Inc.

    The Teradyne PXI Express-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) addresses defense and aerospace ATE requirements that are common to most recent designs including buses with increasing speeds, protocol complexity, big data handling and processing demands. HSSub further accommodates the need for lower latency interaction with the unit under test. HSSub is designed for integration into existing or future test systems with the ease of a single LXI instrument. For serial or parallel, standardized or custom, and protocol-based buses of any speed including: LVDS, LVTTL, M-LVDS, Fibre Channel, FireWire, Ethernet, Serial RapidIO, PCI Express and Infiniband.

  • Production Board Test

    Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne's TestStation platform enables manufacturers to easily react to rapidly changing product requirements. From volume, mix and test complexity - there is a TestStation configuration to meet your production requirements at the highest fault coverage and yield rate. configurable from a range of a few test points for basic shorts detection up to more than 15,000 test points for more complex PCBAs.

  • Affordable In-Circuit Test

    TestStation LH - Teradyne, Inc.

    The TestStation LH in-circuit test system is a lower-cost, small footprint, feature scalable version of Teradyne's popular, award winning TestStation product family. TestStation LH features SafeTest protection technologies for accurate, reliable, and safe testing of the latest low-voltage technologies.

  • performance test

    8862 - Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne’s Spectrum™ 8862 (TSSE) is a unique combinational in-circuit (ICT)/ functional test system that can lower overall costs and test times for manufacturers that prefer to combine functional and ICT test capabilities on a single system. Spectrum test systems provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality performance test and product validation.

  • Magnum Memory Test System

    Teradyne, Inc.

    Teradyne's Magnum test system delivers high throughput and high parallel test efficiency for non-volatile memories, static RAM memories and logic devices. Magnum's largest configuration provides up to 5120 digital channels and all Magnum configurations provide a 50MHz pattern rate and 100Mbps DDR rate on each channel.

  • in-circuit test system

    TestStation LX - Teradyne, Inc.

    TestStation LX is a cost-effective in-circuit test solution providing high-volume electronics manufacturers with reliable, high-quality test for the latest printed circuit board assembly technologies.

  • Software

    D2B - Teradyne, Inc.

    The unique capabilities of Teradyne's D2B software enable EMS and OEM manufacturers and partners to interconnect their global enterprises to optimize printed circuit board assembly test and inspection efficiencies early in the manufacturing / build cycle. D2B is a powerful suite of solutions that provides a standards-based architecture that supports GenCAM and ODB++ file formats enabling electronic manufacturers to outperform their competition, maximize profitability, and get to market first.

  • True Concurrent Test

    TestStation Duo - Teradyne, Inc.

    The TestStation Duo is a true concurrent test system with independent test modules providing fast in-circuit test throughput and lowering high-volume production costs.It effectively doubles the test throughput of conventional in-circuit test systems, without doubling capital equipment costs or increasing manufacturing floor space, by combining two complete and independent test modules inside a single tester frame.

  • Test Points

    TestStation LX2 - Teradyne, Inc.

    TestStation LX2 is Teradyne's largest pin count in-circuit test system. Configurable up to 15,360 pins, TestStation LX2 utilizes the new UltraPin II 128HD pin card for testing large, complex, and heavily-integrated printed circuit board assemblies.

  • TestStation Multi-Site Inline

    Teradyne, Inc.

    TestStation Multi-Site Inline is the most productive, lowest cost in-circuit test solution. This "zero-footprint" inline test system provides true 2x-4x parallel test, delivering 200% to 400% greater productivity, and 40% to 50% lower total cost of test.