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Since 1986, PRISMA Engineering leads multi-user, scalable load&stress test and monitoring solutions for mobile networks. The largest wireless network equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers worldwide depend on complete testing solutions that PRISMA provides and maintains. Our engineering team provides extensive experience in all areas of hardware and software design, with telecommunication expertise ranging from GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS and WiMAX standards, to LTE and more. Recently added testing solutions based on Software Defined Radio have expanded the scope of PRISMA’s solutions to the entire range of interfaces used in mobile networks, especially for Evolved EDGE and LTE radio systems.

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  • 2G/3G/4G/5G RAN Testing System

    Multiterminal Simulator over the Radio / CPRI - PRISMA Telecom Testing Srl

    Our multiterminal and multistandard radio testing systems have been designed to accelerate multistandard end-to-end network verification by generating IP traffic load, simulating applications running on thousands of concurrent devices operating real voice and data sessions. Because of their complete frequency band support and of their high computational power, PRISMA’s simulators are test tools of incomparable help when validating network equipment, especially useful for IoT implementations support well ahead of chipset production and commercial device release.