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Cognex ® is the world's leading supplier of machine vision sensors, or computers that can "see". Our machine vision sensors gauge, guide, inspect, count, and identify products on the fastest production lines.

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  • 3D Displacement Sensors

    Cognex Corporation

    Cognex 3D displacement sensors optimize product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. The sensors are factory calibrated and include industry-leading Cognex machine vision software with powerful 2D and 3D toolsets and a compact, IP65-rated design that withstands even the harshest factory environments.

  • Barcode Readers

    300/360 Series - Cognex Corporation

    The award-winning DataMan 300/360 series is the most versatile Cognex fixed-mount barcode reader offering multiple integrated lighting and lens options, an intelligent auto-tune feature, and multiple models to select from. The DataMan 300/360 series can handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D barcodes and 2-D matrix codes, and is suitable for indexed or high-speed lines.

  • Data Matrix Verifiers Features

    DataMan 2-D - Cognex Corporation

    In addition to breakthrough code reading, there are DataMan products for every step of the direct part marking (DPM) process, including quality verification, and data validation. Easy-to-use and reliable DataMan products enable quality control solutions for applications that require the highest read rates for 2-D Data Matrix codescritical to product traceability.

  • Color and Monochrome Vision System

    5705 Series - Cognex Corporation

    The In-Sight 5705 series offers high performance with high resolution making it the fastest 5MP self contained vision system in the world. The In-Sight 5705 color follows making it the only standalone 5 MP color vision system in the world! Both systems support Gigabit Ethernet and the new blazing fast PatMax Redline tool.

  • Designer 2.0 Vision Software

    Cognex Corporation

    Cognex Designer is an integrated development environment for 2D multi-camera and 3D vision applications. Creating machine vision applications has become increasingly complex over the years, and Cognex Designer provides the tools for breaking down the complexity into manageable tasks in order to complete vision projects successfully in a shorter period of time.

  • Handheld Barcode Scanners

    8600 Series - Cognex Corporation

    The DataMan 8600 series of barcode readers offers the industry's most advanced technology for reading 1-D and 2-D codes, including the most challenging Direct Part Marks and a wide variety of sizes, quality and printing methods.

  • Handheld Barcode Scanners

    8050 Series - Cognex Corporation

    The DataMan 8050 series of barcode readers are equipped with Cognex's world-class barcode reading algorithms and designed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions. The best-in-class algorithms decode both label-based codes and Direct Part Marks quickly.

  • Integrated Vision System

    In-Sight 7000 - Cognex Corporation

    In-Sight 7000 FeaturesYou will find so many machine vision applications for the award-winning In-Sight 7000 series of vision systems. These completely integrated smart cameras feature autofocus, fast image capture, integrated lighting and lens with powerful vision tools for inspection, color, OCR applications and more. They also have the capability to power and control a range of external lightingall in a compact, industrial IP67 package.

  • Laser Profiler

    In-Sight - Cognex Corporation

    The In-Sight laser profiler is a measurement system used to verify that a part's dimensions meet specifications. The In-Sight laser profiler is configured using the In-Sight EasyBuilder user interface. This intuitive, easy-to-use software makes it simple for manufacturing and quality engineers to develop, deploy, and support high accuracy measurements on the factory floor.

  • Industrial Vision Systems

    In-Sight 5000 - Cognex Corporation

    In-Sight 5000 is a rugged IP67-rated series of industrial cameras featuring more than fifteen different model types including high speed, high resolution, color, and line scan.

  • In-Sight Explorer Software

    Cognex Corporation

    Ease-of-use is built into the heart of In-Sight vision systems starting with easy to use but powerful vision tools and In-Sight Explorer software interface. A spreadsheet view makes the user experience very simple for maximum control over your optical inspection applications. The In-Sight Explorer software also includes an EasyBuilder configuration environment for deploying reliable applications quickly, with no programming required.

  • In-Sight Fixed-mount ID readers

    Cognex Corporation

    n-Sight ID readers incorporate Cognex IDMax Data Matrix code reading software, based on the industry-leading PatMax technology from Cognex, to provide the most robust and reliable decoding under all conditions. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to the appearance of the code, no matter what the cause, allowing In-Sight readers to deliver the industry's most reliable reading.

  • In-Sight Micro

    Cognex Corporation

    In-Sight Micro is the smallest vision system series at 30mm x 30mm x 60mm. Featuring power over Ethernet (POE), these ultra-compact vision systems are the right option for integrating into small spaces. Starting with the smallest 5MP (megapixel) self-contained vision system - In-Sight Micro vision systems models are available in a range of performance levels and tool sets to meet a diverse array of machine vision demands.

  • Multi Smart Camera Vision System

    In-Sight VC200 - Cognex Corporation

    The In-Sight VC200 multi smart camera vision system brings the proven reliability of standalone In-Sight vision systems to multi camera vision applications. You can easily attach up to four In-Sight cameras to a controller for multi-view inspections in your manufacturing environment. For the first time, you can leverage the power of distributed vision processing with multiple smart cameras for high-performance applications. The In-Sight VC200 is the only multi-camera system that gets faster as you add cameras. The system also provides access to In-Sight's proven vision tools, including PatMax RedLine, OCRMax and more. The graphical application workflow provides the flexibility to control triggering and acquisition. It also simplifies applications by separating the inspection into manageable tool blocks and communicates the combined results to a PLC. Platform independent HMI technology allows you to monitor and control the In-Sight VC200 on any device over the network using a web-browser without special hardware or installing additional software.

  • Vision Sensor

    IN-SIGHT 2000 SERIES - Cognex Corporation

    The new In-Sight 2000 solves simple error-proofing applications and sets new standards for value, ease-of-use, and flexibility. The In-Sight 2000 is the first vision sensor that combines: Powerful In-Sight vision toolsproven In-Sight tools that ensure reliable inspection performance in a single setup environment. Easy setup with EasyBuilderintuitive point-and-click setup interface. Field interchangeable lighting and opticseasily adapts to virtually any production line environment without the need for external lights. Modular body designconfigurable in-line or right-angle mounting provides maximum flexibility in tight spaces.