Vasavi Electronics

Vasavi Electronics specialize in Automatic Test Equipment , Automatic Test Equipment for Transformers , Automatic Transformer tester , Automatic Relay Tester , Automatic Test Equipment for Relay , Test & measuring Instruments for Transformers, coils, relays, capacitors and cables, Turns counter , LCR Meter , Digital Turns Tester and Digital LCR Meter with transformation ratio platform for transformers, Coil & Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Testing, Toroidal turns Tester, Toroidal Turns Counter , Bobbin Turns tester , Bobbin turns counter , Coil Turns tester, Coil Turns Counter

  • 91-40-27744445
  • 91-40-27744445
  • 95, Road No. 6A, Jyothi Colony
    Secunderabad, 500-015

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