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Seaward Group USA supplies a wide range of test instruments to ensure the electrical safety testing of any product or appliance from the design, compliance and manufacturing stages, through servicing, repair, and calibration. A division of Seaward Group.

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  • Asset Management Software

    Med-eBase - Seaward Group USA

    The newly released Med-eBase asset management software is a highly stable SQL database, that allows the user to easily download the test results from the tester, develop an asset library and configure test routines, configure test equipment and create and design test certificates to your requirements.

  • Calibration Check Unit

    V242 - Seaward Group USA

    The V242 is intended for on-site verification of the Clare range of electrical safety testers. It is recommended that this instrument is returned to Clare Instruments for annual re-calibration.

  • Electrical Safety Analyzers

    Seaward Group USA

    The combination and collaboration of our own and our users' experience means that Rigel's world-first biomedical testing solutions are fast, effective and easy-to-use. The development of the Rigel 288 is a case in point.The size and weight of most IEC60601 safety analyzers was an issue for users. Conventional wisdom stated certain size requirements for the design of products which deliver 25Amp earth bond current. Your field reports gave us a valuable insight into the need for something more compact and portable.

  • Decade Resistance Boxes

    Seaward Group USA

    The range of resistance decade boxes includes 5, 6 and 8 decade boxes which are designed to provide highly accurate and variable standard values of resistance and current for calibration, comparison and test applications in electrical and electronic workshops, test laboratories and educational environments

  • Current Clamp

    ERT 1557 - Seaward Group USA

    Special current clamp for use with ERT 1557.

  • Commissioning and Installation Testing Tools

    Solar PV - Seaward Group USA

    For a Solar PV Installer to deliver effective solutions, the system must be designed and installed to standards which comply to international, national or state regulation requirements. The only way to do this is to rigorously test and documents the results at the initial installation stage, and also on periodic basis, to ensure the system is still working effectively and efficientlyAt Seaward we have over 75 years experience in all aspects of electrical safety testing, and now we have applied our expertise to the Solar Photovoltaic field.

  • Finger Simulator

    PULS-R SpO2 - Seaward Group USA

    The PULS-R simulates SpO2 finger simulations in 1% resolution from as low as 30%* using the pre-programmed manufacturer specific R-curves, the PULS R can also be configured to meet customer specific R-curves using the simple to use configuration tool available.

  • Manufacturing Hipot / Ground Bond Tester

    SafeTest - Seaward Group USA

    The SafeTest Manufacturing hipot / ground bond tester meets the needs of manufacturers who require a range of fundamental safety tests to be carried out on a variety of electrical and electronic products to CE, UL, CSA, TUV, Intertek or other standard certifying test laboratories and other international standards. All tests are individually selectable and the tester can be easily customized with pre-programmed product specific test sequences with preset durations and thresholds for automatic execution, simplifying training and operator interaction. Configurations are safeguarded via password protection, ensuring that test sequences are only altered by authorized personnel

  • Micro Ohmmeters

    Seaward Group USA

    The range includes a number of portable testers designed for use in tough environments, ideal for use in test facility or out in the field. The units are rugged yet compact while maintaining accurate low resistance measurements.To compliment the range of units we also have all the accessories you could ever need, ranging from cable clamps to calibrators.

  • High Volume Tester

    Europa Plus - Seaward Group USA

    The new Europa Plus with Seaward's Super System combines with a clear full graphics display to give you an electrical safety tester that is quicker, easier to use and extremely cost effective. The Europa Plus, a development of the award winning Europa, ensures that the safety testing process is as accurate, hassle-free and convenient as possible.

  • Hipot/Ground Bond Tester

    ClareHAL Series - Seaward Group USA

    The ClareHAL hipot / ground bond tester will help you meet your testing and legal obligations, including data capture/logging/archiving. All basic tests, as specified in widely used product and safety standards, are included:Earth/Ground Bond testingDC Insulation TestingAC/DC Flash/Hipot/Dielectric withstand testingFunctional/ Run testingLeakage Current testingThe ClareHAL Tester can be used in three modes automatic, manual and direct PC control via the external communications port.

  • hipot tester

    Clare HAL LED - Seaward Group USA

    Designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency when testing the output of LEDs and other luminaires, the Clare HAL LED features a high resolution power measurement and an internal memory for traceability of results.The 200mVA resolution power measurement enables LED manufacturers to measure the output of each product to ensure it falls within acceptable power limits, offering peace of mind that correct components, such as LED drivers were fitted at the time of manufacture.

  • Performance Analyzers

    Seaward Group USA

    Our range of function testers incorporates the latest developments in electrosurgical device testing, through to a proven high accuracy defibrillator analyzer with built-in pacemaker analyzer.The new Rigel Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyzer is a typical example of our commitment to innovating together. With your input, our new analyzer has become as versatile as you requested, yet with one of the smallest foot-prints enclosures on the market today.

  • Patient Simulator

    Rigel 333 - Seaward Group USA

    The Rigel 333 Patient Simulator is a powerful, comprehensive ECG simulator with a number of must-have features combined with a proven reputation. The Rigel 333 is one of the most compact yet versatile patient simulators on the market.Powered from a single battery, the Rigel 333 offers a clear LCD display and simple navigation of all available simulations including; true 12 lead ECG signal with 43 highly accurate arrhythmias, dual blood pressure, respiration, and temperature.

  • Vital Signs Simulator

    UNI-SIM - Seaward Group USA

    The Rigel UNI-SiM is the world's first battery powered 6 in 1 vital signs simulator able to undertake six synchronized vital signs parameters tests.Enabling quick, easy and accurate simulations of NiBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP and respiration functionality, the Rigel Uni-Sim is one of the most valuable tools around today.