Jabbals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures automated electrical safety compliance test equipment for a large variety of applications. Our products include Surge Testers, Rotor Testers, Armature Testers, AC & DC Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstand), Insulation Resistance Measurement, Ground Bond Analyzers, Safety Analyzers, High Voltage Scanning Systems and Precision High Voltage Measurement Devices. In addition to test equipment Jabbals also provides test automation software and turnkey automated electrical safety test stations, complete with barcode capability.

  • +91 129 2233876
  • +91-129-2233295
  • jabbals7000@gmail.com
  • Pkot No. 20A/14 & 15,
    Industreal Area,
    Faridabad, Haryana 121001

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