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Nectar Services Community Members experience gains in operational intelligence, network optimization, performance, and availability, resulting in less business loss and interruption. Together this collection of Managed Service Providers, Enterprise organizations and Carrier Services providers serve as our trusted advisors, for a truly collaborative partnership program.

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  • Call Analysis

    Nectar Services Corp.

    Multi-Dimensional Call Monitoring, Correlation, and Analytics Provides Unparalleled Business Reporting and Application Health

  • Flexible Vertical Gage

    911 - Nectar Services Corp.

    The world standard for camshaft measuring, the Adcole Model 911 is ideal for measuring pistons, pump rotors/housings, transmission shafts and any other cylindrical component. Measurement results are displayed on a touchscreen monitor and can be printed/plotted or simply uploaded electronically for historical tracking. Vertical part orientation does away with the need for sag correction, while also minimizing the gage’s footprint on the shop floor. The adjustable tailstock accommodates multiple part lengths. Parts are rotated for a full 360-degree analysis of each feature.

  • Perspective: A Comprehensive Solution to Voice Network Health

    Nectar Services Corp.

    Perspective is a synthetic traffic generation engine that supports network health by delivering network assessment, voice quality troubleshooting, and real-time problem identification – so you can monitor anticipated end-to-end voice sessions over IP easily and efficiently. The Perspective module has everything you need to maintain a centralized view of real-time and historical measurements; centrally administer synthetic transaction sessions; and provide alarms and alerts based on customizable performance thresholds. Further, Perspective provides Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring across enterprise and carrier segments – allowing enterprises to maintain a consistent quality level based on your corporate QoS.

  • Surface Roughness Gage

    1000 - Nectar Services Corp.

    The Adcole Model 1000 represents the state of the art in surface roughness measurement for crankshafts, camshafts and other cylindrical components. The machine is pre-programmed for optimized workflows. Operators simply need to load and unload the parts. In addition to its unprecedented accuracy, this product is also the fastest system for taking critical surface measurements.​The base gage is a rugged, self-standing horizontal granite surface plate with affixed headstock, tailstock and carriage. Scanned data is immediately available for review on the touchscreen monitor or printing.

  • UC Diagnostics

    UCD - Nectar Services Corp.

    UC Diagnostics (UCD) offers exceptional network health by enabling complete IP network information correlation and comprehensive cross-platform insight across Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, and other industry-standard platforms – providing faster issue resolution and a superior end-user experience. By unobtrusively monitoring content, session, and network topology data, UC Diagnostics can deliver real-time visibility into the quality of the user’s voice, video and signaling media experience.  It automatically correlates this information so you can associate specific user-reported complaints instantly to any events in any part of the network.  With proactive trend identification, UC Diagnostics can accurately localize and eliminate issues, reducing problem resolution time by more than 70%.

  • UC Foundation

    UCF - Nectar Services Corp.

    Nectar’s UC Foundation (UCF) is the fundamental layer of the Nectar UCMP framework. It delivers incomparable system health and availability through a single, 360-degree view of all voice and data assets. This centralized approach combines customizable dashboard views, business-centric customer notifications and  alarm and performance data in real-time designed to meet the needs of both enterprises and service providers alike. By focusing on the entire UC ecosystem via integrated capabilities such as health trending and capacity utilization and reporting and analytics, UC Foundation enables comprehensive troubleshooting and effective performance management.

  • UC Management Platform

    UCMP - Nectar Services Corp.

    Nectar’s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) is revolutionizing the way in which enterprise businesses and service providers manage their voice, video, and web collaboration applications, systems, and networks. Our vendor-agnostic approach provides the ability to maintain a complete, centralized, multi-vendor UC environment with a single tool. Whether your business leverages Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, or any other platform, UCMP can bring clarity to business processes and complex UC interdependencies while  providing real-time visibility into each UC user’s experience – giving you actionable performance information for faster issue resolution.

  • Unified Comm QoS Monitor

    Evolution - Nectar Services Corp.

    Nectar’s innovative Evolution technology is the first UC-aware software product of its kind to ensure endpoint health by delivering unified Quality of Service (QoS) automation and verification across a Cisco wired or wireless infrastructure. Evolution supports multi-vendor UC platform deployments that include Microsoft Skype for Business and other third party ecosystem applications. A winner of the 2017 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, Nectar’s game-changing Evolution software substantially improves overall end-user QoS for UC environments.  By automating previously manually-implemented processes, Evolution ensures that a registered UC user receives the proper QoS treatment anywhere in the network — thus providing a truly consistent and optimum voice, video, conferencing, and collaboration experience.  Further, with time savings in operating expenditures, Nectar Evolution dramatically reduces QoS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).