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  • Digital Frequency Meter - Line

    PE 4050 - Premier Electrosystems

    High performance and precision.Quartz crystal time base.Complete CMOS IC technology for very high noise immunity.Panel mounting 96mm x 96mm din size.Suitable for invertor/ AC drive O/P frequency.


    Premier Electrosystems

    Digital counters4 digit preset- Digital counters.Digital counters-DC operatedDigital counters-mains

  • Digital Milli meters

    PE 011-- 013 - Premier Electrosystems

    Four wire Measurement System.1 Micro - ohm resolution.Excellent stability even against reactive Loads like Motors,ransformers, Chokes etc.Maximum Test Current 1 Amp.Attractive and compact cabinet with HIT stand.


    PE 9201 - Premier Electrosystems

    Suitable for Water, Line Size : 150NB ,Pipe Dia: 6” Flow Rate : 0 – 550Cubicmtr/Hr , Accuracy : +/- 1% of FS I/P Voltage : 12 V DC , Type: Insertion type Paddle Wheel ( PVDF ) O-rings : Viton, Fitting Material : SS 304, Fitting Type : Flanged ANSI 150# Max Pressure : 4 kg/cm2, Protecting Rating – IP-67

  • Portable Digital RTD Calibrator

    PE 9010 - Premier Electrosystems

    Display:3 ½ digit, LCD with 'LO BAT' indication.Function:a) Source Mode : To feed known resistance signalto the Input of any instrument. Feeds resistance signal (0-200 Ohms max) continuously variable b) Measure Mode: Measures external resistance 0-199.9 ohms. Range:0- 199.9 ohms (Measure Mode)Resolution:0.1 ohmAccuracy:0.1 % +/- 1 countPower:9 V BatteryDimensions:80 mm (W) x 145 mm (H) x 30 mm (D)

  • Two set point - Time proportional

    PE 2230 - Premier Electrosystems

    Range:-20°C to 600°C (J type-50°C to 1200°C (K type) -200°C to 200° (Pt-100) RTDDisplay:3.1/2 digit, 0.5"ht, red LED.Resolutions:1°for T/Cs.0.1°C for RTD.Accuracy:0.5% ± 1 count.Compensation:Automatic cold junction compensation using solid state circuit over the ambient range 0 to 50°Cfor T/Cs.type. Four wire measurement system for RTD type.Set Point:Two No.s both continuously and independentlyadjustable by means of 3 or 4 digit thumb wheel Switches.Control Action:Time propotional.Hysterisis:Control Accuracy of ± 2°C.Output:One change over relay contact, 5A/230V AC,resistive for each limit settings.Open Sensor Indication:UP scale. All digits blanked except MSD(1).Open Sensor Protection:Provided. Fail safe operation-de-energising relay.Power:230V AC ± 10%, 50HZ.Probe Connection:Screw on type back panel terminals.Dimensions:96(W) x 96(H) x 150(D) mm3OPTIONS:Calibrations for R, S & T Thermocouples.


    PE 150 - Premier Electrosystems

    Direct indication of voltage, Current & Wattage.*Dimmer Controlled Variable output voltage 0-270 V AC/ 15A.*5/15 Amp sockets for easy connection of load.*MCB at input protects against accidental short circuit.*An ideal test instrument for Manufacturers, Service Centers of Domestic/Industrial *Appliances, Electrical Motors, Electrical Accessories, Heaters etc. *The most suitable for R & D Centers.*The input test panel with Calibration Certificate traceable to International *Standards meeting ISO 9000/ ISI requirements.

  • Digital counters

    PE 4000 - Premier Electrosystems

    Input:From Limit Switches, Relay contacts, Proximity Switches, Electro-Magnetic pick-ups AC/DC Voltage Signals. Infra-red sensors, Photo Switches, etc. Ranges:0-9999 counts.Resolution:1 Count.Display:4 digit, 0.5"ht, red LED.sReset:Manual push-button provided.Count Mode:Up/Down, Factory adjustable.Count Speed:Upto 1000 per second.Power:230 V AC ± 10% 50 Hz.Dimensions:96(H) x 96(W) x 150(D)mm3Weight:1.5 kg. Options:1) Batter Back up supply to retain the data in case of power failure.2) Remote Reset 3) Scale division facility.

  • Digital Watt Meters

    Premier Electrosystems

    Direct indication of wattage taking in to consideration of power factor of the loads. wExcellent zero stability.A) For single phase-wattage measurement.

  • Sensors

    Premier Electrosystems

    Temperature SensorsRH SensorRPM SensorsFlow Sensors

  • Digital counters-mains

    PE 6000 - Premier Electrosystems

    Display:6 digit, 0.3"ht, red LED.Range:0-999999 counts.Resolution:1 countReset:Manual-Push-button provided.Count Mode:UpPower:230 V AC.Dimensions:72(H) x 72(W) x 110(D)mm3.96(H) x 96(W) x 110(D)mm3Options:1) Battery Back up supply 2) Digital Counters 6 digit, 0.3"Ht LED. Display operated on 230 V AC ± 10% 50Hz. With dimensions 72mm(H) x 72mm(W) x 110mm(D) 3) Digital Counters 6 digit, 0.5:Ht., LED. Display operated on 230V AC ± 10% 50 Hz. With dimensions 96mm(H) x 96mm(W) x 1110mm(D) Top Back To Processcontrol Page


    PE 2120 - Premier Electrosystems

    Range:-20°C to 600°C (J type) -50°C to 1200°C (K type)-200°C to 200°C (Pt-100) RTDDisplay:3.1/2 digit, 0.5"ht, red LED.Resolution: 1°C for T/Cs. 0.1°C for RTD.Accuracy: 0.5% ± 1 count.Compensation: Automatic cold junction compensation using Solid State circuit over the ambient range 0 to 50°C for T/C type. Four wire measurement system for RTD type.Set Point: One No. continuously adjustable by means of 3 or 4 digit thumb wheel switches.Control Action:ON/OFF.Hysterisis: Control Accuracy of ± 2°C.Output:One change over relay contact, 5A/230V AC,resistive.Open Sensor Indication:Up scale. All digits blanked except MSD(1)Open SensorOpen Sensor Protection:Provided. Fail safe operation-de-energising relay.Power:230V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.Probe Connection: Screw on type back panel terminals.Dimensions: 96(W) x 96(H) x 150(D)mm3OPTIONS: Calibrations for R, S & T Thermocouples.


    PE 9200 - Premier Electrosystems

    FLOW RATE INDICATOR & TOTALISER , Model PE 9200 is a micro-controller based intelligent unit accepting frequency input (Range 0 to 80 Hz) with NPN input type Flow Sensor.


    PE 2500 Series - Premier Electrosystems

    Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage ( 0–1V/5V ), Current ( 0/4–20 mA DC ), Humidity, Pressure Input Models And Multi Input Models. Individual Channel calibration facility with unit of measurement. Automatically Measures , Monitors and Records Input Signals. Easy User Friendly Programming from Front Panel Keys. RS 232 Communication for Computer Interface – Optional RS 422 or RS 485. Data Cache with 32 KB Buffer Memory - Standard. Prints directly on Stand alone Printer or through PC. Software to print Data in Tabular format & Graphical format optional. Optional – Alarms Selectable for Process Deviation. Single/Double DIN size.

  • Infra Red Photo Sensors

    Premier Electrosystems

    · Photo reflective - Infra red LED light emitted & received from the reflector on the moving object at one end. · Useful for 5mm to 100mm distance. · Operating range 1 to 30000 RPM. · Also available photo interruption mode. · Operated on + 5V + 12V.