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DER EE Electrical Instrument - is an ISO-9001:2000 certified professional manufacturer, and distribution of meter, meter accessory & electronic test & measurement instruments for more than 25 years. DER EE, located in Taipei, Taiwan, is characterized by high quality, high performance, best services and competitive prices.

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  • Analog Clamp Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Operation:0°C~ 40°C(32℉~104℉)/<80% R.H.(no condensation) Storage:-10°C~ 50°C(14℉~122℉)/<70%R.H.(no condensation) Dimension & Weight: 243(L)x91(W)x45(H)mm Approx.360g (Including battery) Accessories: Battery UM-3 (AA) 1.5V x1 Instruction Manual x1 Test Lead (red + black) x 1 Carrying case x1 Optional Accessories: Temp. Probe (NR-81) AC Line Splitter(DE-10ALS) *Applicable to electrical appliances small current

  • Analog Multimeter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Operation:0°C~40°C(32°F~104°F)/<80%R.H.(no condensation) Storage:-10°C~50°C(14°F~122°F)/<80%R.H.(no condensation) Dimension & Weight: 152(L)x100(W)x38(H)mm Approx.220g (Excluding battery) Accessories: Battery 1.5V(UM-3,AA) x 2 Battery 9V(006P, 6F22) x 1 Instruction Manual x 1 Test Leads (red + black) x 1 Spare Fast Fuse-0.5A/250V (Ø5×20mm) put interior of multimeter x 1 Total Protection-patented design(perfectly fit for use of production line, work shop, DIY at home, education, amateur or hobby)

  • Current Transformer

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Output:DC 10VLinearity:As graph aboveApplied Voltage:AC 2000V, 1min (between aperture and terminals)Impendance:DC 500V, over 100MΩ (between aperture and terminals)Fire Retardant Level:94V0Output Terminals:2.54 mm pinAnti-vibration:50 Hz 5G

  • Digital Clamp Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    A clamp meter is convenient for measuring instruments that allows the measurement of current simply by clamping a wire while being energized without cutting a circuit. In cases of measurement by a multitester and digital multimeter, the circuit must be cut to measure current. In contrast, with a clamp meter, current can be measured simply by clamping a live wire over its sheath. In addition to its simple operation, it allows safe measurement of a higher current.

  • Digital Panel Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    We manufacture different LED Panel Meter such as DE-3150 LED Panel Meter (DC 3V~30V、DC 0V~100V、AC 50V~300V), DE-3672E LED Panel Meter, DE-367SE LED Panel Meter and DE-S944A LED Panel Meter..

  • Hall Effect Sensor

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    The hall effect sensor products are manufactured according to international standards. Being an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, DER EE is capable of designing and producing superior products to the highest standards of customers' requirements. Hall effect sensors we provided are a device containing both the sensor which produces a very low signal level and contains the vacuum tube amplifier and a high gain integrated circuit (IC) amplifier in a single package. hall effect sensor offer many applications to sense position and motion, to control electric motor control, to sense wheel rotation and so on.

  • DE-5030 - Earth/Ground Resistance Tester

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Earth resistance range:0~12Ω / 0~120Ω / 0~1200Ω Normal operation conditions:Battery voltage:in range of "BATT.GOOD" Earth voltage measurement:max. AC 30V Output current:3mA Response time:within 1 sec. Insulation resistance:min. 100MΩ / DC1000V between input terminals and case Withstand voltage:AC3700V (50 / 60Hz) for 1 min. between input terminals and case Battery Check Battery:1.5V x 4 Safety standard:IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V IEC 61557, IEC61010-031

  • Electrical Digital Multimeter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    The digital multimeter are designed for measurement, indication of power and energy consumption and audio application. With international experiences over two decades, our products and services are well-proven by the superior quality at competitive price. Therefore, customers around the world have confidence that DER EE is able to provide the best digital multimeter to meet any demanding needs.

  • Electromagnetic Field Detector

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    LCD display:3½ Digits LCD With 1999 Counts Low Battery: Display On LCD Overload:”OL” Display On LCD Accuracy:±(3%+3dgt) at 50Hz./60Hz. Frequency Response:30Hz~400Hz Sampling Rate:Approx. 2.5 times/sec. Max Hold / Data Hold Battery:9V x 1 Specifications:0.1~200mG (milli Gause)

  • Phase Squence Tester

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Measurement Range:3 phase check for AC 90V ~ AC 600V (Sine Wave) Operation Frequency:45Hz ~ 70Hz Test Time Limitation:AC 110V(continuous),AC 220V(3 hours),AC 480V(12 minutes),AC 600V(3 minutes) Power Supply:no battery required Color change LED phase direction indication

  • DE-3301 - Sound Level Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    LCD Display:4 digits LCD DisplayLow Battery: display on LCDMeasuring Range:30~130dBFrequency Weighting:A,CDynamic Range:50dBFrequency Range:31.5Hz~8kHzTime Weighting:Fast—125 ms

  • Light Meter / Lux Meter / Illumination Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Indication:3 ½Digits LCD Readings With Maximum Value 2000. Overload:”OL” Display On LCD Photometer Range(nm):400~700 Sensitivity Peak Wavelength(nm):500 Photometer Units:LUX or Foot-Candle (FC); 1FC=10.76 LUX. Measuring Range Scale:0.1~19990 LUX. 0.01~1999 FC

  • DE-367SC - LCD Panel Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Display:LCD 3 ½ (1999) digits, 0.73" (18.5mm) height LCD Operating Supply Voltage:DC 5V~DC 9V ±10% Accuracy:DCV / DCmA:0.5% rdg+3d (23℃ ±5℃) Conversion Rate:Approx. 3 times / second Negative Polarity:“-” symbol display automatically Over Range Indication:“OL” symbol display LCD Power Current:Approx. DC 1.6mA (typical) DCV Input Resistance:≒10MΩ DCmA Input Resistance:Typical 1Ω <18℃,> 28℃ add 0.15 x (specified accuracy) / ℃

  • LCR Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    *Rs, Rp, Cs, Cp, Ls, Lp, phase angle, Dissipation factor, Quality factor *Auto select series or parallel test mode *Auto select 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz test frequency, 0.5V rms approx. *Calibration

  • VU Panel Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Meter Dimension Please indicate meter size■ Internal Resistance 250Ω , 650Ω, 750Ω, 1200Ω■ Sensitivity 200µA , 250µA , 500µA, 1mA■ Pointer Color As your color request■ Scale Plate Custom design according to your drawing■ Lamp Standard type is 12V/55mA transparent. If you request special specs., please indicate the voltage and current■ Install position of the level meter Vertical or horizontal■ Popular spec 500µA/650Ω