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Our solutions for interfaces, data acquisition and report generation are designed around your application. Our software development will be tailored to satisfy your specific requirements and preferences with-in budget. Through our project management experience and innovative approach, we are equipped to devise, refine, and integrate the solutions you need to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic marketplace.

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  • Test Automation

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Digalog serves a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy transport, and contract manufacturing. Over four decades of test automation, we've developed and continuously refine a comprehensive expertise that we're ready to put to work for you today. Our thorough knowledge of the latest COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) data acquisition components, programming and database environments, machine control methodologies and network infrastructures gives us the resources to define and assemble the optimal combination of technologies for your test automation application. ATE

  • Test Engineering

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Whether you're validating a new design or testing in full production, catching faults as soon as possible saves you money. The close and continuous collaboration between your engineers and ours results in a Digalog test solution that performs as a reliable, repeatable, supportable and costeffective asset throughout your product's lifecycle.

  • Project Management

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Our project management methodology revolves around a thoroughly documented set of procedures, instructions and practices which define the framework for every project. At the heart of this methodology is communication.

  • Test Software Development

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Test software can be broadly divided into two categories instrument drivers, and system level. For the commercial off-the-shelve instruments that commonly go into a test system, drivers usually come from the manufacturer and are like the front-panel knobs and buttons of a conventional instrument they work the same no matter what you're testing. It's the system level software that focuses on your specific application. And that's where we come in. ATE Software.

  • Test System & Component Design

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Working closely and continuously with your own engineering team, Digalog will design and build the test system or test tools that exactly fit your needs and budget. If it can be done completely with COTS components, that's what we'll do. If not or if we determine that a custom solution would actually be the more cost-effective, we'll put our four decades of experience to work and create exactly what you need.

  • Test System Integration & Assembly

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Through four decades of innovation, Digalog has acquired and methodized the knowledge and expertise to handle every detail of your test project. From initial concept to component specification to system assembly to final proof of performance, we work in continuous collaboration with you to ensure that what we ship is what you're expecting.

  • Test System Support

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Digalog's test system support expertise can free you from the worry that your test process might become the bottleneck between production and shipping. Even if your existing test infrastructure didn't come from us, we'll work with you to evaluate it and develop a support plan that fits your needs and budget.