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SPECTEC has been manufacturing mil spec heavy equipment speed sensors for the military since 1985 and providing signal conditioners to the Navy. Our mil spec quality control system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, most SPECTEC sensors and signal conditioners meet the European Union's ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive for electromagnetic emission interference and the immunity to interference and bear the CE marking.

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  • 4-20mA Converters

    4026 - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    Model 4026 Freq to Voltage or Freq to Current Converter accepts frequency input from any magnetic speed sensor, digital magnetic pickup or Hall effect zero speed sensors. Input and output configurations are field selectable. Input range is adjustable between 1100 Hz - 10 kHz or 75Hz to 1100 Hz. Output selection can be configured as 4-20mA converter, 10-50mA converter, 0-5 V FTV converter or 0-10 V FTV converter. ZERO and SPAN adjustments easily calibrate to almost any measurement range, with little interaction between the adjustments.

  • Signal Conditioners

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC's frequency to current and frequency to voltage converters for passive and active magnetic speed sensors and all digital speed sensors fit in a variety of explosion-proof elbow enclosures or can be DIN rail mounted via special adapters. These signal conditioners change the sinusoidal input to a linear current or voltage output respectively. The 4-20 mA and 10-50 mA signal converter has many applications in the flow industry. The frequency to voltage converters provides either a 0 to 5 V (TTL) or 0 to 10 V output.

  • Opto-Isolated Current Loop Signal

    4029 - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC's Model 4029 digital opto-isolated current loop signal conditioner prevents ground loops and interrupts any galvanic signals riding on magnetic speed sensor's output signal.. This signal conditioner converts magnetic, variable reluctance and inductive sensors' sinusoidal signals into a 4-20 mA output suitable for interfacing with process control units, dataloggers, flow controllers, and computers.

  • Quadrature Sensor

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    DIGISPEC Hall Effect Quadrature Sensors provide two digital output signals, 90º out of phase to each other, detecting speed (down to true zero speed) and direction of rotation of gear teeth and ferrous targets. Gear teeth as small as module 0.10" wide can be sensed. Standard output is provided from a 2.2kOhm internal pull-down resistor to a collector, which can sink 25 mA. Open collector can be provided. Output is protected against reverse voltage.

  • Digital Magnetic Speed Sensors

    DIGISPEC - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC'S digital magnetic sensor, or active Variable Reluctance (VR) sensor, is a magnetic speed sensor coupled with an analog to digital signal conditioner in one compact unit. The digital magnetic sensor's solid state internal analog to digital converter creates a digital output signal from the magnetic pickup's analog signal created by the excitation due to a passing target. The digital output from sensing a vehicle's rotating gear or a cotter key slot can be read by counters, meters or governing instrumentation.

  • Zero Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    The Hall effect technology fulfills a wide array of applications due to the Hall effect sensor's ability to detect zero speed and direction change and produce a digital output that is read by computers, motion control devices, position monitors and digital to analog converters.

  • Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    Intrinsically safe magnetic speed sensors or Variable Reluctance sensors (VRS) are applicable for reading gear teeth, key slots or keystocks in various hazardous environments. These non-powered or passive variable reluctance sensors are rated Intrinsically Safe for use in areas that call for sensors that limit the energy of any possible sparks and limit the surface temperature. Intrinsically safe magnetic sensors are also available in male and female conduit-mount body styles.

  • Hall Effect Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC zero speed Hall effect gear tooth sensors are used in industrial applications to determine shaft or gear speed or direction by detecting fluctuations in the magnetic field. The Hall effect technology fulfills a wide array of applications due to a Hall effect sensor's ability to detect zero speed and the quadrature sensor's ability to detect direction change. The Hall effect gear tooth sensor's digital output is easily read by computers, motion control devices, position monitors and digital to analog converters. Intrinsically Safe zero speed sensors are available for various applications.

  • Flow Meter Sensor

    RF Pickups - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC RF pickups are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics, such as flow meter sensor applications. SPECTEC RF (modulated carrier) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters and turbine engines in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Flow Meter Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC's RF flow meter sensors are active RF pickups driven by an external RF (carrier) signal conditioner. Together they complete an oscillating circuit. The output of this circuit is amplitude modulated when a ferrous, 316 stainless steel or aluminum object passes by the pickup coil. This change in modulation of the carrier frequency is converted into a square wave pulse by the signal conditioner for computing and/or further processing.

  • Magnetic Speed Sensors

    VR Sensors - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC's magnetic speed pickups are sensitive, yet very reliable in harsh speed sensing environments that require shock-proof sensors. Applications of magnetic sensors are in wheel speed sensor, vehicle speed sensor, counting and position sensing in industrial applications, such as on conveyer belts. Magnetic sensors are used with targets such as: slotted wheels, sprockets, and bolt heads.

  • High Temperature Magnetic Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    High temperature speed sensors (up to 454° C) are sensitive, shock resistant & reliable for high temp applications in harsh environments, such as race car engines and transmissions. SPECTEC's high temperature magnetic speed pickups are used as transmission sensors, engine governors, output shaft sensors and flow meter sensors. SPECTEC's high temperature magnetic pick-ups are standard in 5/8-18, 11/16-24 and 3/4-20, and M18 shell sizes.