Radcom Ltd.

Designs, manufactures, markets and supports network test and quality management solutions for service providers, developers and enterprises worldwide. The company specializes in comprehensive performance measurement and voice quality management systems for VoIP and cellular converged networks as well as in a line of high quality, integrated, multitechnology WAN/LAN/ATM test solutions. RADCOM's analysis and simulation solutions are used in the development and manufacture of network devices, and in the installation and ongoing maintenance of operational networks to facilitate real-time isolation, diagnosis, and resolution of network problems.

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  • Customer Care Application

    QiCare - Radcom Ltd.

    Customer Care Application, QiCare, helps service providers to reduce churn by monitoring and maintaining a high level of satisfaction for the individual subscriber, group of subscribers and entire subscriber base. QiCare enables Customer Care to view subscriber reports for individual subscribers and helps them to understand the subscribers behavior and the quality of the different services being used online.

  • Massive KPI Alarms

    QAlarm - Radcom Ltd.

    The QAlarm massive KPI alarms application provides an at-a-glance overview of network and service performance degradations. It provides personalized access to the most relevant KPIs as trend graphs for the user. This personalized view drastically simplifies the access to the information provided by the system.

  • Online Call Troubleshooting

    QTrace - Radcom Ltd.

    QTrace is an innovative online (real time) and offline tracing application that enables viewing of traces in real time, as well as historical calls. Using QTrace, troubleshooting becomes a simple task, and engineering work becomes more effective. QTrace enables service providers to see calls or transactions as they happen, view detailed call data, define queries quickly and follow the changes in an open call in real time across SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, IMS and VoIP networks. The same convenient tracing mechanism can also be used on historical calls.

  • SLA for Subscriber Groups

    QVIP - Radcom Ltd.

    QVIP Reports SLA for defined subscriber groups. In today's saturated telecom markets, subscribers often abandon their service provider due to frustration over Quality of Service, with customer churn contributing to significant loss of revenue. RADCOM's QVIP application helps service providers to monitor and maintain a high level of satisfaction for the individual subscriber, group of subscribers and entire network.