Die SET GmbH ist Ihr Spezialist und Partner für die Entwicklung im Bereich Luftfahrt-Elektronik, sowie System-, Mess- und Steuerungstechnik.

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  • HiL & Functional Test Systems

    SET GmbH

    With our large modular system of modular assemblies, we can tailor the tailor-made test solutions individually to meet the needs of our customers. With this wide range of ready-made and tested modules, we quickly and efficiently configure your HiL & Function test systems to meet your requirements for a wide variety of applications.

  • Semiconductor test systems

    SET GmbH

    Through the growing use of power electronics all over our environment - from the automobile to the wind turbine, from solar parks to e-bikes - it is more important than ever to subject the power semiconductors to precise and detailed reliability tests. With our semiconductor test systems, the effort is twice as expensive - in addition to high DUT quantities per system, we offer you high-resolution data as an analysis basis and thus reduce the TCoT while at the same time reducing the test time. Watch with us quickly.