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We take an imaginative, passionate and out-of-the-box approach to creating products and services for design, test, and manufacturing engineers and managers in the automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, and medical industries.

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  • Functional Test Systems

    Alfamation S.p.A

    ■ Navigation radio ■ GPS, Infotainment System ■ Automatic pointers calibration (odometer, speedometer, fuel gage) ■ Analog inputs calibrations (resistive or VDC analog inputs) ■ Display and tell tails inspection (missing dots/segments, symbols check, color check, backlight) ■ DC and arbitrary waveforms stimuli and measurements ■ Cluster digital I/O functional test ■ Data communication (CAN, K/L, ACP, GMLAN, J1850) ■ Radio Panel, AOI, Panel inspection, Button Test ■ ECU pin functions, switched and parallel, stimuli and measurements ■ Parallel output loading (by switched and programmable loads) ■ High-voltage probing and stimuli ■ Bus communication (CAN, K/L, GMLAN, J1850, LIN) ■ Static and run-mode testing

  • Multimedia Test Systems

    Alfamation S.p.A

    DC, LF high-resolution audio and video stimuli and measurements ■ RF stimuli and measurements for trap adjustment and characterization ■ LVDS, HDMI, and DVI measurements ■ Boundary scan test ■ Electronic and mechanical adjustments with automated and robotic tools ■ Audio (microphone/speaker, headset plugs) ■ RF signals (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ) ■ Micro alignment/PCB test ■ Camera test ■ Camera uniformity test ■ Haptic test for touchscreen calibration ■ Haptic test for button force profile ■ Flicker, brightness, and absolute color test ■ Electrical test ■ Defective pixels and display areas

  • RF Modules

    Alfamation S.p.A

    Infotainment systems have to deal with a several RF signals, starting from world radio standards but extending to mobile communication, GPS & WLAN. Most of the H.U. RF connections provide phantom power to active antennas that should be tested at different loading conditions (on more values, yet different case by case).

  • Optical Test

    Alfamation S.p.A

    L-I-V (light-current-voltage) curve analysis ■ Beam analysis and spectrum analysis ■ Far field and Near field acquisition ■ Flange Focal Lenght ■ Transmission ■ Emittance and efficiency measurements ■ Final device characterization ■ Bidirectional reflectance distribution functional and optical surface

  • Endurance & Burn-in Test Systems

    Alfamation S.p.A

    ■ Waveform measurement/analysis/synthesis ■ Trigger and synchronization ■ Telemetry interface ■ Full self-test functionality of instruments ■ Pacemaker FCT tester ■ Defibrillator FCT tester ■ Muscle stimulation device