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To measure the potential of an electrode is one thing, to control an electrode is quite another thing. Reason is that feedback-amplifiers like potentiostats operate with "infinite" gain (of course, the real gain is finite, but very high). As a consequence, some precautions have to be obeyed, and some rules have to be accepted. In this sectionm, we will help you to make the best of your equipment.

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  • Analysers

    Bank Elektronik

    Hand-held tester for checking the molybdenum content of stainless steels. Portable semi-quantative analyser for stainless steels, nickel-base alloys and monel. The MolyTester is most convenient for quick, non-destructive determination of alloys both in-shop and outdoor. Molytester is apllicable even for narrow weld seas where the local resolution of X-ray analysers is not fine enough.

  • Signal Generators

    Bank Elektronik

    "Signal generator" is the generic name for instruments which produce time - dependent voltages which are used to stimulate other processes, e.g. electrochemical reactions. Standard types are ramp generators, also called sweep generators which produce linearly varying voltages, pulsgenerators, sine wave generators and arbitrary signal generators. Generally, D/A - converters are also to be regarded as "signal generators". This page, however, deals with stand-alone signal generators only.

  • Cells and Electrodes

    Bank Elektronik

    Electrochemical cells are designed to their special purpose. The method, the matter and their reactions as well as the environmental conditions define the limitations and demands for electrochemical cells and the electrodes. Standard corrosion testing cells may have a large volume, since corrosion products shall not change the solution grossly during the test. On the other hand, it may be valuable to collect corrosion products - then a very small volume is desired ("eluation cell"). Special corrosion tests for pitting reqiure a setup where undesired crevice corrosion is excluded ("Avesta cell" , "Quarfort Cell" or "Flushed port cell". Or you want to investigate in crevice corrosion, then the cell design should meet such conditions. Have a look to the variety of cells shown here, and call us if you have a special task where a fresh design is required.

  • Potential Meters

    Bank Elektronik

    Potential meters are basically electrometers which have extremely high input resistances in order to keep the feeding reference electrode free of load. This is necessary to maintain the true potential. pH - meters can be used as potential meters when fast reading is not required, because common pH meters are very slow. When the potential answer to current pulses is to be followed, potential meters are essential.

  • Potentiostats and Galvanostats

    Bank Elektronik

    Potentiostats are widely used in research: materials science, corrosion research and active corrosion control require potentiostats. In analytical chemistry, methods like cyclic voltammetry have equal rights as chromatography and spectroscopy. The core of analysing instruments like gas detectors, blood sugar meters and many others is a potentiostat.

  • Software

    Bank Elektronik

    TestPoint-based software for control, measurement and evaluation of electrochemical measurements, requires MS WindowsTM supports or interfaces,. CPC manages potentiostat control, data recording and data evaluation.Features: Up to 6 measurements channels, fast data access up to 300,000 data points per second. The evaluation allows differentiation, Tafel slope evaluation and other helpful routinesCPC runs with many multi-function AD/DA converter boards. It requires MS Windows (TM)

  • Zero Resistance Ammeters

    Bank Elektronik

    Current sinks are electronic circuits which can sink electric power in a controlled manner, thus acting as controlled loads. Our current sinks are designed as four - quadrant current sinks which can feed and sink currents in both polarities (also disregarding the polarity of the resulting voltage).

  • Interfaces

    Bank Elektronik

    Used for the collection of signals from many types of transducers and laboratory instruments. They connect to Windows and Macintosh computers via USB, and are supplied with Chart and Scope software for real-time display and analysis of the recorded signals. In addition, the EChem software module offers both traditional and advanced techniques for electrochemists.

  • Integrators

    Bank Elektronik

    Integrators are used to meassure electric charges in real time. In contrary to digital charge integration, the analog integrator accuracy does not depend on the frequncy of data sampling and can resolve small changes disregarding the data sampling rate. In case of pulsed signals, the analogue integration produces reliable results without requiring high data transfer rates.

  • Low Power Potentiostats

    Bank Elektronik

    Potentiostat Wenking MP 04T, max. current 400 mA, max. voltage 25 V, output power 10 W, reference electrode input 1012 Ohms, slew rate 10 V/ µs, 1 control input, floating current output, buffered potential output, control range ± 10 V external, internal control voltage source ±2 V, rise time constant (closed loop, ohmic load) 1 µs typ., dimensions 165 x 105 x 165 mm (w x h x d), weight 1.4 kg