We are an innovative company, established in 2010, located in Madrid and Guadalajara that develops and commercializes NewFasant, a simulation software for electromagnetic fields for the study of antennas, radar cross section, radiation patterns, advanced telecommunications systems and other studies.

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  • Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Guadalajara
    Avenida de Buendía, 11
    Guadalajara, 19005

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  • Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite

    NewFasant - NewFasant

    NewFasant is an Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite that provides solutions for the defense and civil scopes: Naval, Aerospace and Automotive Industries, analysis of Antenna and RF components, and many more. Yhe main applications are: Electromagnetic Compatibility. Antenna Design. Antennas mounted on complex structures. Radar Cross Section (RCS), including ISAR and Doppler frequency shifts. Infrared. Radio Propagation. Radio system analysis. Design of passive microwave components. Radomes: analysis and design. Reflectarrays: analysis and design.