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The experience and expertise are the result of the continuous development of our company, which has its origins far back in time and space: the first tools PASI born in India in the 40s, in the great laboratory of the Geophysical Survey of Calcutta, where the Applied Geophysics made the first steps thanks to the talent of an Italian, a true pioneer of modern electronics. And it is in India that comes the international vocation of the PASI, which - grown year after year - today enables us to meet the needs of the global market, exporting all over the world - with pride and determination - a Made in Italy sets us apart. We have always believed that Italian Creativity and Design can converge in a pleasant product from the image: This principle is reflected in the look of our own tools, very appreciated abroad.

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  • 3D Land Geophone-HVSR-MASW-Holisurface

    Gemini 4,5 Hz - PASI srl

    Gemini-4 represent PASI answer to the increasing request for HVSR acquisition: a single waterproof case with integrated a low frequency, high performing 3D-geophone is assembled with real 4.5 Hz sensors properly coupled and a powerfull true 24 bit data acquisition board. Through Gemini USB interface and the related data acquisition software your PC will be transformed in a perfect, very high performing instrument for both data recording and post-processing analysis.

  • 3D Land Geophone-HVSR-MASW-Holisurface

    Gemini 2 Hz - PASI srl

    Gemini-2 represent PASI answer to the increasing request for HVSR and MASW acquisition: a single waterproof case with integrated a low frequency, high performing 3D-geophone assembly (two versions available, with real 2Hz sensors properly coupled) and a powerfull true 24 bit data acquisition board. Through Gemini USB interface and the related data acquisition software your PC will be transformed in a perfect, very high performing instrument for both data recording and post-processing analysis.

  • Blast Monitoring

    VMS-2000 - PASI srl

    Monitoring / Blast Monitoring

  • Borehole 3D Geophones

    GFA 50/100 - PASI srl

    GFA down-hole 3D geophone has three 10Hz geophones - oriented according to the x-y-z axis -housed inside a cylindrical probe for the determination of the time of arrival of the type ''''s'''' and type ''''p'''' seismic waves. The piston wall-clamping device can fit drilling well of a diameter between 50mm and 110mm (larger diameter on request). The mechanic clamping system with pneumatic piston can couple rigidly with the well casing, so to reflect seismic real signals at the best, avoiding the trouble of lacerating gasbags typical of most low-cost systems. The probe has a robust cylindrical metal case that can assure a long use in field conditions; the special signal cable (graduation 1m) and the air tube are delivered on a special reel, for a total weight of less then 15 kg (GFA-60).

  • Building monitoring

    Software MOSE Quadri Fessurativi - PASI srl

    Monitoring / Building monitoring

  • Building monitoring

    WINECAP - PASI srl

    Wireless sensor network enables low-cost sensing of envi- ronment. Many applications using wireless sensor networks have low duty cycle and low power consumption. However the ability of wireless sensor networks can be extended in re- verse way. Enhanced TinyOS, and new components opened possibility for more aggressive applications. Structure mon- itoring is one example of such applications. To monitor a structure (e.g. bridge, building), we measure behavior (e.g. vibration, displacement) of structure, and analyze health of the structure based on measured data.

  • Building monitoring

    Fessurimetri / Crackmeter - PASI srl

    The system consists of two plates that overlap for part of their length. One plate is calibrated in millimeters and the overlapping plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor. As the crack width opens or closes, one plate moves relative to the other. The relationship of the cursor to the scale represents the amount of movement occurring. These gauges are monitored over time, whilst being kept as far away from human disturbance as possible, to develop an understanding in the width and direction of movement of the crack.

  • Building monitoring

    Crepemetro - PASI srl

    Monitoring / Building monitoring

  • Corrosion Analysis

    Resipod - PASI srl

    Resipod is a fully integrated 4-point Wenner probe, designed to measure the electrical resistivity of concrete in a completely non-destructive test. It is the most accurate instrument available, extremely fast and stable and packaged in a robust, waterproof housing designed to operate in a demanding site environment. The Resipod is the successor of the classic CNS Farnell Resistivity Meter.

  • Corrosion Analysis

    Profometer Corrosion - PASI srl

    The Profometer Corrosion is the most versatile corrosion analysis solution in the market based on the half-cell method. Proceq’s unique wheel electrodes allow the fastest and most efficient on-site testing. As direct successor to the Canin, it is compatible with existing Canin and most third party electrodes.

  • Cross Hole Energizer P/S

    CHE - PASI srl

    Specially designed for small-scale cross-hole surveys, this compact hammer can be used to generate both P and S waves.The hammer can be downloaded using the steel cable and clamped to the requested depth by a pneumatic clamping system manually controlled by a lever from the surface; simply pushing up the steel cable to execute the first shot, the trigger installed on the energizer will start the acquisition for the "P/S". After that you will have to drop the mass to make the acquisition with inverse polarity.

  • Combined System Seismic+Electrical Imaging

    16SG24-N - PASI srl

    What makes this system really unique is its extreme modularity. Our design philosophy was characterized by the need to create a system which would not only guarantee important performances and make it easy to use, but which would really be a multipurpose instrument. The possibility to manage the two different investigation methods refraction/reflection seismics as well as electrical imaging through a high-level software and a hardware characterized by extraordinary performance features, has allowed the realization of a combined modular instrument, which may grow in successive steps, finally offering the opportunity to complete your system base as to your real needs.

  • Earth Resistivity Meter

    16GL-N - PASI srl

    Last release of a very popular family of earth resistivity meters, this 16 bits geoelectrical instrument represents a really performing and affordable solution for Vertical Electrical Soundings at medium and great depth. Reliable and lightweight, 16GL-N is characterized by really first-rate performances, even if it remains extremely easy to use. The possibility to download data through USB enables a quick interpretation with the data inversion software. It is recommended, as to exploit its capabilities, to use it in conjunction with one or more P-100-N rechargeable accumulators.

  • Electrical Tomography Software

    Res2dinv - PASI srl

    This very popular software, developped by M.H.Loke, uses the method involving the Sasaki minimum squares inversion (1992) to produce a 2D sub-soil model starting from the data of apparent resistivity (up to 2000 electrodes). It is completely automatic and does not require that the user formulates a starting model. When using a state-of-art computer, the inversion of a single pseudosection will require only a few minutes.

  • Electrical Tomography Software

    Res3dinv - PASI srl

    In areas with complex geology, there is no substitute for a fully 3D surveys. The arrays supported include Pole-Pole, Pole-Dipole, inline Dipole-Dipole, equatorial Dipole-Dipole, Wenner-Schlumberger and also non-conventional arrays.