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  • Conductivity Cells


    Conductivity Cells

  • Industrial Flame Photometer

    PFP7 - Jenway

    The PFP7 is a low temperature, single channel flame photometer that is designed for the routine determination of sodium, potassium, calcium, barium and lithium concentrations. The flame failure safety system makes these products ideal for use in industrial and educational environments. The use of fine and coarse sensitivity controls allows for accurate measurements each and every time.

  • Micro-volume Conductivity Probes


    Jenway's micro-volume probes are designed for the measurement of solutions in small containers.

  • Advanced Bench pH Meters

    3510 and 3520 - Jenway

    The 3510 is a versatile, simple to use pH, mV and temperature meter that is ideal for routine analysis. With up to three decimal place resolution and a choice of up to three calibration points the 3510 provides the user with added flexibility where future demands for enhanced performance may be required. A choice of pH calibration buffers to DIN, JIS and NIST standards can be used for automatic calibration, as well as manually entered buffer values. The pH measurement meter also has the ability to store up to 32 results. The 3520 dynamic pH/mV meter offers research grade specifications with a comprehensive range of features and functions, making it suitable for the broadest range of research, general laboratory, QC and GLP based applications. The built in data logger can store, print or output readings based on a wide range of trigger options, making this model suitable for monitoring and controlling pH levels.

  • Portable pH Meters

    550 and 570 - Jenway

    Model 550 is a general purpose portable pH meter offering 2 point pH calibration and automatic buffer recognition. This model simultaneously displays both the temperature compensated pH readings and temperature. This small, lightweight meter has an LCD display encompassed in a splash proof housing. Model 570 is a general purpose hand held pH, mV and temperature meter. This model offers 2 point calibration and automatic buffer recognition. The unit simultaneously displays either temperature compensated pH readings or electrode potential and temperature. This model has a large easy to read LCD display. The integrated rubber seal ensures that the unit is completely waterproof.

  • Research Flame Photometer

    PFP7/C - Jenway

    The PFP7/C is a low temperature, single channel flame photometer that is specifically designed for use in research applications for the determination of sodium, potassium and lithium. The in-built lineariser circuitry of the PFP7/C enables readings of both sodium and potassium to be displayed directly in mmol/l.

  • pH Electrodes


    pH Electrodes

  • Spectrophotometers


    Jenway offer five ranges of visible and UV/visible spectrophotometers which have been designed to suit a wide range of budgets, industries and applications. The range include single beam entry level spectrophotometers, split-beam spectrophotometers with a spectral bandwidth of 1.5nm; and advanced variable double beam spectrophotometers with a spectral bandwidth down to 0.5nm.

  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) Probes


    The dissolved oxygen probes have been redesigned so that they are all the same diameter. As a result of this redesign the new probes have a narrower diameter than the old probes. The new probes are easily identified with a B after the probe part number on the probe or meter packaging. To compliment the new probe design the dissolved oxygen membranes have also been redesigned. The new membranes will not fit on old probes and old membranes will not fit on new probes.

  • Bench Combined Conductivity/pH Meter

    3540 - Jenway

    The 3540 is ideal for use in all laboratories where pH and conductivity analyses are required. The setup menu gives quick and easy access to the whole range of instrument, pH and conductivity measurement options. Calibration of both channels is automatic, with the option to select 1, 2 or 3 calibration points. The pH channel can also display mV values if required.

  • Bench Conductivity Meters

    4510/4520 - Jenway

    The 4510 is easy to use but with the flexibility to meet the broadest range of applications and for those where greater accuracy is required the 4510 has automatic conductivity standard recognition and endpoint detection. The 4520 is a high specification laboratory conductivity /resistivity/TDS/salinity and temperature meter that offers additional accuracy with 1, 2 or 3 point conductivity calibration across the wide measurement range of 0 to 19.99S. The dedicated "pure water" mode ensures the optimum accuracy for this difficult application.

  • Bench DO2 Meter

    9500 - Jenway

    The 9500 is a research meter designed for use in a number of applications including fish farming/breeding, all forms of aquaculture, environmental analysis, pollution control and effluent management. The 9500 includes powerful data logging capabilities with the ability to store 250 DO2 readings either manually, at timed intervals or on alarmed events. The 9500 also includes full support for the BOD5 day test protocol and has the ability to store up to 25 BOD data sets, each with up to 10 samples.