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Provide in-circuit fixtures for the leading in-circuit testers including Agilent 3070, Teradyne and GenRad 22XX using our own proprietary fabrication programs. Our engineers design custom stand-alone functional test fixturing for circuit cards, modules and fully assembled products. We also provide complete test programming services for GenRad 228x test platforms.

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  • Benchtop ATE Test Platform

    300 Series - Circuit Check, Inc.

    The Circuit Check 300 Series benchtop ATE Test Platform with built-in professional fixturing solves the uncertainty of repeatable results that are common with bench testing. With the 300 Series Benchtop ATE, test procedures can become automatic, with test steps and go/ no-go limits easily programmable in common tabular form. Hand-probing is eliminated, replaced with accurate, repeatable tooling and reliable spring-loaded test probe fixturing.

  • Drop-In Functional Test Fixtures

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check’s drop-in base fixture and replaceable personalized plates are the ideal solution where production volumes are lower and the need to change from one fixture and test program to another occurs quickly.  Interchangeable test fixture drop-ins enable the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with different tooling and probe patterns for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use, while minimizing the cost for each new test.  With Circuit Check’s base fixture and drop-ins, the wiring and test electronics are not disturbed, thus ensuring configuration consistency each time the system is re-tooled.

  • Line Automation Test Systems

    5000 Series - Circuit Check, Inc.

    The Circuit Check 5000 Series In-line Handler is an integrated inline solution that combines automation, fixturing and measurement hardware in addition to other in-line PCBA probe based test stations, while adding a standardized quick change fixture interface. The 5000 series in-line is a unified solution that is software and hardware agnostic, enabling adaptability to a variety of off-the-shelf lower cost ICT, flash and functional test software and hardware.

  • Compact ATE Platform

    600 Series - Circuit Check, Inc.

    The Circuit Check 600 Series Compact ATE Platform with built-in professional fixturing solves the uncertainty of repeatable results that are common with bench testing. With the 600 Series Compact ATE, test procedures can become automatic, with test steps and go/no-go limits easily programmable. Hand-probing is eliminated, replaced with accurate, repeatable tooling and reliable spring-loaded test probe fixturing.

  • FEA and Strain Gauge Testing

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check began Strain Gauge Testing in 1999 when BGA/SMT technology started replacing PTH components, reducing strain levels was a reactive post fixture fabrication process.  We quickly recognized that the “reactionary” process was neither efficient nor were we capable on knowing the lowest achievable strain levels.  Our engineering team came up with visual tools utilized during design to easily identify areas of excessive probe force, though still not enough data was generated to identify the lowest possible strain.  Finite Element Analysis software models the PCBA and test fixture and applies the pressures from test probes and board supports and indicates the micro strain level applied to the PCBA.  Using the FEA software during our design process allows our engineers to modify fixture designs to attain the lowest possible micro strain before fabrication begins.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Wireless - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check’s wireless fixture technologies reduce debug time, simplify ECO’s and reduce maintenance.  This allows for the highest test performance, ability to probe denser smaller targets and achieve ultra-high node counts.  Higher density more complex circuit boards complicate testing requirements. Smaller more tightly spaced test pads create a wiring challenge for the fixture fabricators, test engineers and maintenance personnel.  Wireless fixtures solve the challenges associated with the nest of wires found in long wire fixtures.  Wireless fixtures replace the “nest” of wires with copper traces on a multilayered printed circuit board called a Translator Board (T-Board).

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Multi-Stage - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Multi-Level fully pneumatic fixtures provide the broadest array of in-circuit testing options, allowing powered, non-powered and functional tests to be performed. Often, active component cooling is required during functional testing and Vortex cooling is suited for this style fixture. Additional testing can be achieved with insertion of interposer cards into connectors for through connector testing. Conventional probe spacing of 100 – 39mil and socket-less spacing of 75 – 31mil are available.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Through Connector - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check is a pioneer in the development and implementation of access mechanisms enabling testing of circuits through on-board connectors.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    In-Line - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Add an advantage to in-line production with fast change over interchangeable fixturing.  Circuit Check’s in-line board handlers and in-line board handler fixturing exceed the high performance requirements associated with high-volume production.  Circuit Check supports in-line fixturing for all the leading handlers.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Environmental - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check builds test fixtures for Halt/Hass testing whether a fixture is used within an environmental chamber or is a standalone fixture. Circuit Check has the capability to manufacture these types of fixtures.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Topside Probing - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check matches top side test targets to your specification and needs. The Signature Series pneumatic drive fixture is the industry standard for precision, accuracy and repeatability.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Flash Programming - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Flash programming stations allow you to offload flash programming from functional test systems, increasing test throughput while improving capital utilization. Circuit Check flash programmer fixtures support multiple programmer types and multiple I/O configurations.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Actuation Methods - Circuit Check, Inc.

    Functional test typically applies full operational power to a final product or a loaded printed circuit board in order to determine if the Product/ PCB performs functions as designed. This type of test often involves custom built test equipment and custom test fixturing.  Circuit Check supports all forms of functional test strategies within its Signature Series functional test fixtures.

  • Interface Test Adapter (ITA)

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check delivers solutions to mil/aero, prime, and subcontractors. These solutions are delivered according to a rigorous set of test requirements and quality metrics. The Circuit Check staff of engineers engage in a Project Management and Professional Services role to control the project deliverables, scope, and meet the quality needs for replaceability, in-field serviceability and test system longevity.

  • In-Circuit Test Fixtures

    Circuit Check, Inc.

    Circuit Check’s bi-level and multi-stage fixtures combine multiple test levels in a single fixture using controlled actuation and selected probe travels for powered and unpowered tests.