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  • Extended Boundary Scan Embedded Functional Test

    ScanExpress JET™ - Corelis

    ScanExpress JET represents a quantum leap in automatic circuit board testing. The JTAG Embedded Test (JET) method extends boundary-scan structural test coverage to virtually every signal that is accessible by the on-board CPU(s).

  • Flash Programming File Generation Solution

    ScanExpress Flash Generator™ - Corelis

    When programmable devices such Flash, SEEPROM, CPLD, and FPGA are connected to boundary-scan devices on a circuit board, ScanExpress Flash Generator can be used to create programming files to access them via the JTAG interface. The software combines a board netlist, scan-chain information, and BSDL files to automatically generate the necessary scan vectors to perform read, write, erase, and verify operations. ScanExpress Flash Generator boasts a wide range of supported flash devices and manufacturers including Intel, Spansion, Microchip, Samsung, Micron, ST, TI, and many more.

  • Functional Testing Solution


    Detecting faults early with accurate diagnostics is key to maintaining a high quality, rapid production line. The versatility of boundary-scan allows signals to be controlled and observed independently of the system logic, for quick and easy functional testing of logic components as soon as the system can be powered upno additional software required. Tests for logic clusters can be created using simple data vectors, or a powerful C-based scripting language can be used for advanced sequences.

  • Manufacturing Test


    Today’s high density designs limit the amount of test coverage obtainable through bed-of-nails testing, driving the need for JTAG/boundary-scan based tests to ensure a high level of discovery and diagnosis of manufacturing faults. Whether integrating boundary-scan with an in-circuit-test system using Corelis’ powerful API or operating a standalone benchtop test station, Corelis ScanExpress products offer immense value and high return on investment. Best of all, Corelis tools can be used throughout the product life-cycle, providing additional value and allowing test engineers to re-use and adapt the same boundary-scan tests for all test phases.

  • In-System Programmer

    ScanExpress Programmer™ - Corelis

    ScanExpress Programmer is designed to replace the clutter of in-system programmers with a single universal programming solution comprised of a scalable architecture for future expandability. ScanExpress Programmer is a universal in-circuit programming tool that can program and verify Flash memories, serial EEPROMs, CPLDs, FPGAs, and other programmable logic devices. ScanExpress Programmer provides common programming functions including read, erase, blank check, program, verify, device ID check, and others. All of these functions can be performed while the target device is installed in-circuit. Users no longer have to maintain different programming tools to program different parts. ScanExpress Programmer offers users one common GUI for all supported programmable devices.

  • In-System Programming


    Whether developing new code for an embedded system prototype, programming components on the manufacturing line, or updating code in the field, Corelis’ in-system-programming (ISP) tools make it easy to integrate device programming with your test process.

  • Interactive Debugging Solution

    ScanExpress JTAG Debugger™ - Corelis

    ScanExpress JTAG Debugger is an excellent tool for engineers doing debug during prototype design verification and testing. It is very useful for finding shorts and opens on and between BGA devices and other fine-pitch components. ScanExpress Debugger allows interactive control and observation of all the boundary-scan controllable inputs and outputs on a Unit Under Test (UUT). It can also apply data to inputs of clusters and read their responses if the cluster I/Os are accessible via boundary-scan components. The ScanExpress Debugger software includes an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI), as shown to the right, that assists the user in setting and monitoring the state of pins on the UUT. A powerful Pin and Netlist browser with filtering and sorting capabilities allows you to easily select the pins and/or nets of interest and insert them into the main debug window for various data manipulation. All debug sessions can be saved and later recalled for reuse.

  • JTAG Boundary-Scan Controller

    NetUSB-1149.1/SE - Corelis

    8-TAP USB 2.0 and LAN Based JTAG Controller. The NetUSB-1149.1/SE is an advanced 8-TAP USB 2.0 and LAN-based JTAG/boundary-scan controller that can be used in the testing and/or in-system programming (ISP) of devices, boards, or systems compliant with the IEEE-1149.1 standard.

  • JTAG/Boundary-scan Digital I/O Module

    ScanIO-300LV - Corelis

    The ScanIO-300LV JTAG/boundary-scan digital I/O module turns an IEEE-1149.1 boundary-scan controller (such as the Corelis PCI-1149.1/Turbo or NetUSB-1149.1) into a powerful digital interconnect and functional tester. 

  • JTAG Boundary-Scan Toolkit Software & Hardware Bundle

    JTAG Starter Kit - Corelis

    The Corelis JTAG Starter Kit includes the ScanExpress Debugger software application with a USB 2.0 JTAG controller. Engineers and technicians alike can use the system for a variety of tasks. The JTAG Starter Kit has an arsenal of features to control and observe system signals of a boundary scan compatible UUT.

  • JTAG USB Controller

    NetUSB-1149.1/E - Corelis

    The NetUSB-1149.1/E (4 TAPs) is an advanced USB 2.0 and LAN-based controller that can be used in the testing and/or in-system programming (ISP) of devices, boards, or systems compliant with the IEEE-1149.1 standard. The NetUSB-1149.1/E controller supports concurrent (gang) testing and in-system programming of CPLDs and Flash devices at TCK rates of up to 80MHz.The controller connects to the computer either through the USB interface or LAN interface for easy installation at nearby or remote locations. Other features include signal delay compensation for long cable lengths to the UUT, TAP signals, and GPIO discrete signals which are individually programmable from 1.25V to 3.3V, programmable slew rate control and pre-power up test for shorts between power and ground traces on the UUT.

  • Design For Testability Analysis

    ScanExpress DFT Analyzer™ - Corelis

    ScanExpress DFT Analyzer™ is a design for test coverage calculation tool that provides users with precise pin, net, and device coverage statistics on any board targeted for boundary-scan testing. The tool is able to quantify test coverage into meaningful numbers in which a user can immediately translate to identify areas of a board that are fully tested, partially tested, or are not tested at all. The tool also helps design and test engineers increase fault coverage and reduce boundary-scan test program development time by identifying fault coverage limitations.

  • Design For Testability Review


    Design for Testability ReviewCorelis can provide you with design consultation and an analysis of your design for boundary-scan testability. We will review your design and make specific recommendations that if implemented will improve the testability. We can also suggest improvements that will increase test coverage and allow boundary-scan to be implemented in a more cost-effective manner.

  • Boundary-Scan Verification Solution

    JTAG Interrrogator - Corelis

    Top manufacturers have used JTAG tests for years to ensure electronic systems are free from defects and assembled correctly. With growing uncertainty in supply chains and the proliferation of counterfeit components, that same technology can be used to verify the authenticity of system components. The Corelis JTAG Interrogator is an affordable solution for semiconductor verification. The software and hardware system provides the means to quickly identify components on an assembled electronic product by reading available information from the JTAG chain.

  • High-Speed 4-TAP USB 2.0 JTAG Controller

    USB-1149.1/4E - Corelis

    The USB-1149.1/4E is a high-performance plug-and-play IEEE-1149.1 Boundary-Scan (JTAG) controller for the Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0). The USB-1149.1/4E is a high-speed device compliant with Revision 2.0 of the USB Bus Specification.