GEDIS is an international system house. The GEDIS product portfolio includes innovative test systems for in-circuit, functional and high-power testing of electronic assemblies and modules. A Rohde & Schwarz Company.

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  • Measurement Platform

    GT4000 Series - GEDIS GmbH

    Our main goal was to develop a strong and future-proof platform for conducting functional tests (FCT), in in-circuit test (ICT), boundary-scan test and flash programming of electronic assemblies and circuit boards.The Outstanding features of our GXI-Technology are:Direct contact of measuring, control and application devicesExtension of supply and control interfaces to the proven R&S Analogue Bus (GEDIS Extended Measurement Bus XMB)Control of Front I/O and cartridge modules via the XMBReplaceable cartridges for the integration of components such as loads, circuit boards, pneumatic and vacuumOptimized fixture interface GEDIS GD20xExtremely compact design, ideal for in-line and desktop solutionsThe advantages of the GT3000 system family with R&S cTSVP measurement platform are maintained:Test System Software GEDIS GTSGalvanically isolated measurement instrumentsEasy self-test on the system interfaceIndividual configuration and extensibilityOptimal signal qualityIn-system calibrationEasy service

  • Measurement Platform

    GT3000 Series - GEDIS GmbH

    The central feature of the GT3000 system family is the use of the R&S cTSVP platform as a measurement technology core as well as for direct contacting of system interfaces with the measurement technology (cable-free).

  • GTS Test System Software

    GEDIS GmbH

    Speed, flexibility, reliability – These are the key demands put on high-end test system software.GEDIS's GTS test system software is optimised for fast execution of test programs.It also offers extensive functions for:debugging test programs,planning of test commissions,evaluation of measurement results andmanagement and monitoring of test systems

  • FCT, ICT, Boundary Scan, Flash

    GEDIS GmbH

    GEDIS test systems from the GT3000 and GT4000 series can be used universally for testing electronic components and circuit boards. We combine the following testing procedures to meet your needs, individually tailored for manual or automated operation:FCT (Functional test)ICT (In-Circuit-Test)Combo test (FKT+ICT)Power test (Test with high currents and switchable loads)HF test (in MHz and GHz ranges)Flash storage test (parallel testing and flashing)Boundary Scan / AOI (Integration of JTAG / optical inspection)

  • Modular Functional Units

    GEDIS GmbH

    One of the guiding principles for GEDIS is reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers' test systems. For this reason GEDIS systems are built around module components that translate into major time and cost savings during system integration, servicing situations and when scaling up the system. To guarantee minimal delivery times for spare parts, all standard system components are kept on stock at GEDIS' warehouse. This also reduces the delivery time for new systems.

  • Migrating Test Systems

    GEDIS GmbH

    As a provider of innovative test systems, GEDIS offers extensive technical know-how in migrating from existing third-party testing systems. We support our customers in the on-site analysis, planning and implementation when switching to a modern, turn-key testing solution. For example, when migrating from R&S systems of type TSA, TSAP, TSU and TSI systems the powerful GEDIS GTML test methods can be integrated under the R&S TSS test sequencer. In this way existing test programs can be adapted quickly and efficiently into functional solutions.

  • GT4000 Receiver

    GD20x - GEDIS GmbH

    Improved pre-centring and unambiguous mechanical coding of system receiver and test adapter.Now possible to mount draw lever on both sides of the receiverReceiver module for direct contacting with ejection lever, available in QP96, VG96 and IN96 variants.Improved labelling of slot assignment to module carrier and receiver.Horizontal installation of up to 12 modules with VPC series 90 connectors, optionally wired to PXI cards in the interior of the GT4000 measurement platform.Compatibility of upper receiver area to G12-ITA from VPC.