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Verif-i is dedicated to maximising your seismic data value through quality control. We offer: seismic crew consultants, technical auditing, advanced software, hardware solutions.

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  • Seismic Acquistion QC Serivices

    Verif-i Ltd

    Overall data quality / cost monitoring / safety / daily reporting to client. Verif-i provides technical and operational programme assurances for seismic surveys conducted for the company. The lead acquisition QC on-board/on-crew the seismic vessel/block accepts or rejects data on behalf of the company. Our representative will assist the contractor in fulfilling the technical and operational requirements of the seismic programme and report on crew activities.

  • Test Analysis for Land Seismic Systems

    Testif-i Land - Verif-i Ltd

    Testif-i Land is an independent, powerful and cost effective software suite that allows you independently process instruments, source and receiver tests to confirm that the equipment is performing correctly and within specification. The software includes modules to perform comprehensive analysis of vibrator wireline similarity test data. Analysis includes a harmonic intensity plot which can highlight problems such as sub-harmonics which may not be seen on numerical results. Geophone pulse tests can be analysed using the receiver response module and test data from third party geophone testers can be graphed and statistics produced for ease of interpretation.

  • Vibrator Test System

    Sandwich Box Kit - Verif-i Ltd

    "Gold standard” for vibrator tests provides more information than radio, wireline similarities or internal analysis. Other forms of vibrator QC use the vibrator controller accelerometers to measure vibrator motion. The Sandwich Box system includes external accelerometers which are used to independently record vibrator motion, thus providing a check of the whole vibrator system including the accelerometers.

  • Marine Seismic Systems Analysis Software Suite

    Testif-i Marine - Verif-i Ltd

    Testif-i Marine is a comprehensive software suite designed specifically to process test data from marine acquisition systems to ensure the integrity of your recorded data. The software also contains modules for performing tests on recorded streamer data, such as calculating relative streamer channel sensitivity, comparing gun consistency from near field hydrophone data and comparing the spectra of flip-flop source arrays.