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Optomistic Products' Universal LightProbes™ are small, highly versatile sensors and fiber-optic probes for reliable LED test of color (including white LEDs) and LED intensity, on printed-circuit boards using in-circuit test (ICT) fixtures and automatic test equipment (ATE) for production testing of circuit boards and their components.

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  • Sensors

    Optomistic Products

    Optomistic Products’ unique two-part solution fulfills almost every LED test requirement you may have. First, choose your pre-programmed Universal LightProbe Sensor from the range of sensors listed below. After you have chosen your sensor, you will choose a fiber-optic probe to customize the test for specific mechanical requirements and constraints.

  • LED Test

    Optomistic Products

    Universal LightProbe Penta sensors are Optomistic Products' most popular LED test sensor, relied upon for their versatility in accommodating most LED test applications for color and intensity. The Penta Sensor provides analog voltage outputs, and features built-in color binning, eliminating the need to convert LED wavelength to visual color in the ATE software, and saving valuable processing time. For use with any of the Universal LightProbe Fiber-Optic Probes.

  • IR LightSource

    Optomistic Products

    The Universal LightSources use a standard 5-volt DC power supply connected via a connecting cable with mating coaxial power plug and terminated with clearly polarized push-on connectors to access fixture 5-volt D.C. supply wire-wrap pins wherever available. Alternatively, the Universal LightSource can be connected to a serial-digital pulse-code-modulated signal source.