CommsAudit Limited

CommsAudit designs and manufactures RF and digital equipment and subsystems for wide band and narrow band signal processing operations in the Frequency range 10 KHz to 60GHz including digital control and digital signal processing (DSP). CommsAudit also manufactures Receivers for HF, VHF, UHF, SHF, RF Switch Matrix Systems, Automatic Test Equipment, ATE, Antenna distribution systems, Masthead Amplifiers, Downconverters, Multicouplers, Attenuators, RF Filters, Frequency Standard distribution systems Digital Recording and transcription systems. Our devices are used in a wide range of electronics, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, and high performance commercial communications equipment.

  • +441242253131
  • +441242253031
  • PO Box 78
    Cheltenham, GL52 6ZU
    United Kingdom

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