Asiczen Technologies

The company focuses on digital verification IP development and services.

  • +91 9937 144847
  • Suite # 226, 2nd Floor, OCAC Tower,
    Acharya Vihar (RRL-PO),
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751013

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  • Embedded Services

    Asiczen Technologies

    *Firmware Development (Boot/HAL/BSP)*Device Driver Development (USB/PCIe/SATA)*Diagnostic software Development*Application software Development*Algorithm Development*OS: RTOS, Linux, Android, VxWorks, Kernel Porting*Optimization, debugging and Benchmarking*Processors: ARM, 8051, ARC*Languages: Assembly, C, C++, Java*Scripting: Perl, Python, C Shell Scripting

  • Digital Services

    Asiczen Technologies

    *Processor verification experience*Memory verification*Bus protocols and DMA verification*Expert in high speed controller verification*Physical layer (PHY) verification

  • IoT Products

    Asiczen Technologies

    LoRaWAN enabled smart water/energy meters for public utility companies as well as housing societies, factories and institutional campuses enable more efficient usage of resources. AMR system implemented using long range LPWAN technology, can provide periodic metering data apart from other useful parameters, that users may be intrested in. End devices can be controlled using downlink commands from central server. This is useful for remote monitoring/control applications using public/private network infrastructure. This leads to reduction of non revenue water and energy theft.