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MRC ltd. has been a designer, inventor and manufacturer in the Laboratory and Sciences for the past 25 years. We take pride in our strong reputation and our committed in creating the most reliable products for our customers. Over the years, MRC has developed numerous laboratory instruments. Our product line include: Incubators, Ovens, Autoclaves Furnaces, Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Shakers, Mixers, Centrifuges, Hotplates, Stirrers, Pumps & more. All of our products are researched & designed by highly trained Engineering staff & are examined by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that our customers receive products that meet expectations. Our ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing process combine the high quality & ultramodern testing & measuring process. Our vast distributor & service network spans 6 continents & most major cities around the globe.

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  • Hardness Testers

    MRC ltd.

    Tests common rubber, complex rubber, soft rubber, elastomers, wax and so on. Range 10~90 HAHead dim. $0.79mmHead stroke 2.5 mmDimension 115x60x25 mmWeight 0.5 Kgs

  • Heat Deflection Tester

    HDT-300B2 - MRC ltd.

    Apparatus is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature or the Vi cat Softening Point. All the specimens arecharged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity. Theattained heat resistance rate of plastic materials is a widely required parameter for product characterization, forquality control, as well as for evaluating their conformity to the previewed applications.

  • Heat Stress WBGT Meter

    MRC ltd.

    Heat Stress Index measures how hot it feels when humidity iscombined with temperature, air movement, and radiant heat Black Globe Temperature (TG) monitors the effectsof direct solarradiation on an exposed surface Air Temperature (TA) plus Relative Humidity (RH) Selectable units of F and C In/Out Function displays the WGBT value withor without direct sun exposure Auto Power Off with override Built-in RS-232 interface with optional Windowscompatible software Complete with two AAA batteries

  • Function Generator

    FG-2003 - MRC ltd.

    Deluxe function generator combinedwith a 5 digit, high resolution 60 MHz counter.Function GeneratorPulse GeneratorSweep GeneratorFrequency Counter6 waves forms for function generatorFunction generator range :0.5Hz to 3 MHzLimits of Operation:0 ~ 40 C, 10 ~ 80 %R.H.Generator Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Positive Pulse and Negative PulseCounter Display Unit:Hz / KHz Automatically controlled by CPU.

  • Gage Blocks

    MT-GBS-47-2 - MRC ltd.

    1.005 mm, 1.01-1.19 mm by 0.01 step, 1.2-1.9 mm by 0.1 step, 1-9 mm by 1 step, 10-100 mm by 10 step.

  • Gas Chromatography

    GC3420A - MRC ltd.

    Gas Chromatograph Based unitSelf-diagnostic function: 1) Core tests; 2) Automatic tests; extended tests , basic test. Self-protective function: 1) Overrun temperature protection 2) Short circuit hint; 3) TCD filament protection;4) FID flameout hint; 5) PFD exposed-light protection; 6) Keyboard locking with password; etc., ensuring normal running Simple operation, powerful automation: 1) All parameters can be entered through keyboard with prompt function; 2)4 sets of complete chromatography analysis methods can be stored and recalled automatically

  • Fluresense Spectrometer

    MRC ltd.

    For RoHS & hazardous elements testing of super huge articles For on-site testing of electronic components and parts Equipped with newest SOD (minimum resolution < 139eV) Newly software provides more effective algorithm Helium-charging system (Optional) greatly expands testing precisionIt can detect the elements such as Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Cd, Sb, Hg, Pb. And it can detect more elements according to the customers' requirements.Equipped with digital multi-channel technology For packing material testing and verifying For various kinds of batteries hazardous substance testing and verifying For hazardous elements testing in cloth, shoes material etc

  • Force Gauge

    MRC ltd.

    Tension & compression capability .* 5000 g, wide capacity, highresolution, high accuracy, highrepeatability.* 3 kind display unit, g/oz/Newton.* Separate sensor.* Peak hold ( Max. load ) measurement.* Positive or reverse display direction.* Hand held & stand mounting.* Microprocessor circuit & exclusiveload cell transducer.* Over load protection.* RS-232 computer interface.

  • Free Chlorine & Total Chlorine Meter

    MRC ltd.

    Tests swimming pools, municipal water, food and beverage water, or other aqueous solution where fluid clarity is important.

  • Frequency Counter

    FC-2700 - MRC ltd.

    * TCXO (temperature compensated IC offered the intelligent function:crystal oscillator) time base, high Frequency, Period, Multi resolution,stability & accuracy. Data hold, Relative measurement,* High sensitivity for the VHF & UHF Data record ( Max., Min., Averagefrequency measurement, useful for the reading ).CB amateur. * 8 digits, 18.3 mm large LCD .* Wide measuring range up to 2.7 GHz. * 0.1 Hz resolution for 10 MHz.

  • Frequency Counter

    FC-2500A - MRC ltd.

    High sensitivity for the VHF & UHFfrequency measurement, useful for theCB amateur.* Handheld & pocket size instrument.* Wide measuring range up to 2.6 GHz.* Good resolution, 0.1 Hz min. displayunit for 10 MHz range.* Used the exclusive Microprocessor ICoffered the intelligent function:Frequency, Period, Multi resolution,Data hold, Relative measurement, Datarecord( Max., Min., Average reading).* Auto power off & manual power off.* LCD display for low powerconsumption & clear read-out even inbright ambient light condition.

  • ESR Analyzer

    MRC ltd.

    Up to 30 samples simultanouslyUp to 60 samples/hourTemperature compensation refer to 18 deg.C according to westergren methodESR curve display & printoutTouch screen large LCD displayInternal thermal printerApplication area Erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysisMeasuring principle Infrared sensorReading channels 30 available channelsAnalysis result In Westergren ESR value (mm/hr)Reading resolution 0.2mmReproducibility< 0.3% or 2mm/1hResult resolution 1mm/1hRS232 serial portAC 220V/110V 10%, 50/60/Hz, 50W

  • MultiMeters

    MRC ltd.

    2000M W /1000V, 200M W /500V, 200M W /250V. Power lock for 3 minutes (Auto power off). Auto-Zero adjustment. Data-Hold-Function. Digital readout easy to obtain by 0.65" LCD display. Automatic unit & sign annunciator. Rotary switch easy for range selection. Continuity beeper. Battery operated/Overload Protection. Safety test leads. ImA test current.

  • Melt Flow Indexer

    MRC ltd.

    This type of Melt Flow Indexer is a new & affordable tabletop instrument that tests the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) & meltvolume-flow rate (MVR) of a wide range of thermoplastic raw materials, in the form of granules, strips of film etc. Thistest method is particularly useful for quality control tests on thermoplastics. MVR will be found particularly useful whencomparing materials of different filler content & when comparing filled with unfilled thermoplastics. The MFR can bedetermined from MVR measurements provided the melt density at the test temperature & pressure is known. The testeris far superior to all national and international standard of Melt Flow Rates requirements, including IS01133, ASTM D1238& GBIT 3682 method A & B. High Accuracy The built-in microprocessor maintains temperature control to within 0.5C,with rapid ram-up to the set point. Extruded material is automatically cut off by the built-in scraper mechanism atpreset intervals, controllable to 0.1 second. Ease to operate! Testing Melt Flow Rate has never been so economicalor easy to do! The tester is supplied completely with the accessories & weights necessary for maintenance & operation.Nothing else to buy-just plug it in & start a test.

  • Micrometer Heads

    MRC ltd.

    Measuring Range: 0-25mmResolution: 0.001mmLimit Error: 0.003mm