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Barth Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing "state of the art" sub-nanosecond high energy, pulse power coaxial components since 1964. Listed here are a few of our standard products.

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  • Coaxial Cable 50O HMM Pulse Test System

    Model 4702 IEC-50 - Barth Electronics, Inc

    The 4702 IEC-50 system was originally built with carefuldesign to eliminate the common problems that are foundwith gun testing. Our carefully designed measurementhardware maintains accurate waveforms throughout thesystem for accurate measurements of the complete device.The test system solves the large gun tip interconnect issuesand removes effects from the gun's separate ground returncable.

  • Pulse Curve Tracer

    4002 TLP - Barth Electronics, Inc

    The Barth Pulse Curve Tracer, Model 4002 TLP is the first commercial TLP (Transmission Line Pulse) tester to be produced since this method of testing was developed 18 years ago. TLP testing is used as a pulse type curve tracer to measure the current-voltage characteristics designed into ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection circuitry. This new hardware was designed to fit the needs of present users of TLP who have requested a commercial TLP test system that is more repeatable and produces faster test results than homemade systems.

  • test system

    4002 TLP+ - Barth Electronics, Inc

    The Model 4002 TLP+ test system was the first turn-key commercial TLP developed for the ESD industry and has remained the leader in the ESD square pulse testing field since this method was first introduced in 1989.

  • Test System

    4012 VFTLP+ - Barth Electronics, Inc

    The Model 4012 VFTLP+ test system was developed in early 2000 to add high speed measurements to the usual I-V plot, to measure and record the real TDDB waveform which causes oxide failure.

  • Attenuators

    Barth Electronics, Inc

    Barth High Voltage Pulse Attenuators are matched impedance coaxial attenuators for use primarily in pulsed 50 ohm systems, or where occasional transients would damage ordinary units. The attenuator design closely matches the impedance around each resistor, to that resistor. These attenuators feature an input impedance very close to 50 ohms, with characteristics as good or better than most microwave attenuators. These units are ideal for use in nuclear and high energy experiments. Extensive testing during manufacturing insures very high reliability for single-shot experiments. A voltage coefficient of the resistive film of less than .0001 %/V allows low voltage calibration of most systems.

  • Attenuators

    2511-30F - Barth Electronics, Inc

    The Model 2511-30F has a medium power rating that allows for high repetition rate testing of EFT generators, at their high voltage rating.

  • VFTLP test system

    4012 - Barth Electronics, Inc

    Accurate measurements of this waveform have finally been identified by Barth Electronics Inc. and CDM protection can now be based on known dimensional design parameters. We identify the response of your CDM protection circuits with 100ps risetime pulses which simulate the real CDM test. This is the only way with which to provide the total gate oxide threat voltage data.