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At Hitachi, with our Mission of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products in mind, we engage in the Social Innovation Business on a global basis, putting our IT and OT(operational technologies) to use in the advanced social infrastructure systems we provide to create a future where people can live safer,and richer lives. Moving forward, we will take our Social Innovation Business to a more advanced phase with enhanced digital technologies to accelerate "collaborative creation,"​ tackling shared issues and crafting solutions together with our customers and partners.

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  • Automotive Sensor & Control Devices

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    We supply a variety of automotive sensors, infrared cameras, and molded parts made from metal, resin and other materials to the automotive and transportation equipment industries, contributing to vehicle safety, comfort, and fuel economy.

  • High Voltage ICs

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device offers intelligent power devices and high voltage analog switch ICs integrating high voltage output devices and control circuits on a single chip/single package using dielectric isolation technology. *High voltage ICs are suitable for household apparatus fields such as home electric appliances and beauty appliances.* These ICs can be easily used for various purposes, and market-leading companies in air conditioner fan motors have adopted them.※We have continued to improve performance and quality of the ICs since sales start in 1994 and have more than 20 years of sales results.

  • Rolls & Sensors

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    As the largest roll maker from Japan, Hitachi rolling products cater to the evolutionary needs of industries around the world. Our Wakamatsu Foundry is the famed manufacturer of cast rolls for flat rolling and long products. Proudly, they are the world’s only supplier of Continuous Pouring Clad or CPC rolls. Home to the world’s third largest forge press, our Katsuta Foundry manufactures forge rolls for flat rolling steel and aluminum. Hitachi offers a diverse range of sensor products, including the popular digital compass and magnetic encoders. In addition, we also have a magnificent display of Giant Magneto-Resistive (GMR) sensors.

  • Diodes

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Development target specification*PD=5W class*Capability for load dump surge:ISO7637-2, JASO A-1*Reliability standard:AEC-Q101*Package size:[W×L×H] 12.0×9.6×4.3(mm)

  • Hi-Functional & Advanced Materials

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    Hitachi has developed a series of innovative hi-functional & advanced materials that supersede traditional materials available. Be it the introduction of a new component or the modification of existing materials- each step is taken to ensure over-all superior performance through our comprehensive list of advanced materials & components, semiconductor materials, and magnets.

  • Electronic Components

    Hitachi, Ltd.

    We supply a wide range of components and materials to the electronics industry, such as: integrated circuits for personal computers, semiconductor materials for system LSI, optical communication materials for telecommunications, components for display devices seen in smartphones and projectors, and materials used in solar cells and lithium batteries.

  • Wind Turbine

    HTW2.0-80 - Hitachi, Ltd.

    Hitachi has begun by getting to know the wind. Wind flow and wind direction change virtually every second. The power of wind can be harnessed and converted into a clean form of energy. One ideal way to do so is found here.

  • Power Semiconductor Device

    IGBT/SIC - Hitachi, Ltd.

    Hitachi High Voltage IGBTs have been corresponding to a wide range of applications such as railway applications and various power conveters, leading companies for domestic and overseas adopt them, since they were adopted as a railway application in 1992. Will continue to contribute to the developing energy society by pursuing more easy-to-use, high-performance and high -quality products with leading-edge research and development.

  • Wind Turbine

    HTW5.2-127¸HTW5.2-136 - Hitachi, Ltd.

    As is an inherent in the physics of a downwind configuration, the stronger the wind, the larger the clearance between the blades and the tower by blade flexion. This results in a lower probability of a tower hit. In case of stand still mode, downwind turbine switches to a free yaw operation mode and wards off the cross wind by the weather vane principle without yaw control even in case of black out conditions. This, in principle, reduces overturning moment to the foundation or floaters and maintains high degree of safety. That is important especially for offshore projects. Also, the wind sensors installed at the front of the blades give a more precise wind direction and speed in the upper stream. Yaw and blade pitch shall also be modulated to the right angle for more production.