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SemiTek International is a leading manufacturer of discrete device test equipment. Our systems are designed to test the electrical integrity of discrete devices like * Transistors * IGBT * SCR * Optocouplers * MOSFETS * Relays * Triacs * Sidacs * Arrays * JFet * Diodes Focused on the growing needs of the discrete test industry, we continue to develop test solutions for testing integrated devices and for high-power test needs.

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  • Discrete Semiconductor Test System

    201 Series - SemiTek International

    The SemiTek Discrete Semiconductor Test System is PC-based using a CPU-based hardware controller to control the electrical tests it performs. In its sixth generation, the has served the semiconductor test industry for over twenty-five years in manufacturing and inspection. As a general-purpose tester, the is ideal for inspection and production applications where precision measurements and versatility are required. Under program control, the tests a growing number of devices including: * Diodes / Zeners * Bipolar Transistors * Field Effect Transistors * Arrays * MOSFET * MOSFET Depletion * Optocouplers * JFet / JFet NO * Mechanical Relays * Sidac * Triac / SCRs * IGBT

  • Discrete Semiconductor Test System

    4x Series - SemiTek International

    The 4x Discrete Semiconductor Test System is SemiTek's newest and most anticipated system to come to market with test capability to 3000V and 200A. It is configured in a small, bench-top enclosure and is designed for high speed, production applications. It is also ideal for manual applications.

  • Relay Test System

    303 Series - SemiTek International

    The SemiTek 303-Relay Test System is PC-based and designed to test the integrity of electromechanical or coax relay devices. The system may be configured for multi-terminal testing right from the main station and the PC. With production and final test in mind, the 303-Relay Test System can perform an array of tests and control device output binning in a fraction of the time of any other tester on the market. Under program control, the test system can test: * Pull In/Drop Out * Contact Voltage Drop * Insulation Leakage * Variable AC Coil Frequency * Timing * Coil Resistance * Semiconductor * Isolation * Contact Resistance * Dielectric Withstanding. To maximize the system’s resources, multiple switching cards can be configured for additional test terminals (subject to space) allowing an operator to test at one site while prepping another. This helps to maximize the use of the system. In this configuration, each terminal may test the same or a different relay part.