The NTCIP is a family of standards that provides both the rules for communicating (called protocols) and the vocabulary (called objects) necessary to allow electronic traffic control equipment from different manufacturers to operate with each other as a system. NTCIP is a Trademark of AASHTO, ITE, NEMA

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  • Field Device Simulator Software


    This version (BETA 2) of the ARINC Field Device Simulator (FDS) was designed and written to test the compliance of the Viggen EXERCISER to the following NEMA documents.*NEMA TS3.2 - Simple Transportation Management Frame Work - Simple Transportation Management Protocol (STMP)*NEMA TS3.4 - Global Object Definitions.This executable will run on any DOS or Windows Platform as a DOS program. The only hardware requirement is for a Comm Port 2. The HDLC address used by this port is 0x09 with a PortType of Secondary, which can changed if necessary. Its definition can be found in the source code file MAIN.C in the APPL.ZIP file. This version of the FDS supports SNMP protocol and STMP when dealing with the Dynamic Objects.

  • NTCIP Exerciser

    3.3b7a - NTCIP

    The NTCIP Exerciser is a testing and development tool for NTCIP systems developers, testers and evaluators. The latest version, 3.3b4,has added a dial-up capability and the ability to emulate a field device that supports all of the objects contained in the user-compiled MIBs.