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  • Precision Curve Tracer

    CurveMasterTM - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The CurveMasterTM delivers new price/performance efficiency to curve tracing and Failure Analysis. Curve trace has been a standard feature in our full-power chip tester for years, so the CurveMasterTM is built with today’s components and technology. With all new high-accuracy DC Parametrics, you’ll enjoy the most powerful curve tracer you have ever used.

  • Single Event Effects Test System

    SEE-RAD - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The SEE-RAD test system brings together the proven features of our ETS780 tester (such as true APG memory test and powerful FA tools) with the newest technology of the Griffin III. With all new high-accuracy DC Parametrics, superior precision pin drivers, and capture memory of 64M, the Griffin SEE-RAD combines the newest innovations in the test industry with our years of experience in Radiation Test.

  • DC Parametric Test System with Curve Trace

    DC3 - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The wafer has been fully tested, cut and packaged. Today's IC manufacturers are finding tremendous cost savings in performing just fast DC tests on these packaged parts rather than running the full wafer tests all over again. Until now this required either an expensive full-power IC tester, or a "rack-n-stack" collection of instruments. Enter the HILEVEL DC3 Co-Optive Parametric Tester. No more instruments, no switching matrix, no tricky software. The DC3 combines a high-precision DC-PMU and internal DUT supplies to test up to 2,048 pins, all in a single chassis with Multi-Site capability up to 64 sites. And every DC3 includes our Classic Curve Trace feature, allowing easy curve tracing on every pin.

  • Production Test System

    ETS880 TITAN - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    *Test rates up to 200MHz (100MHz All Modes) *Clocks up to 400MHz *Two strobes per cycle * High Pin Count: Up to 1,024 logic pins in ONE Chassis *Optionally supports up 4,096 DC pins, or combination of both * Direct Docking precision manipulator *Low Cost *Up to 64Meg test vector depth *Programmable loads and parallel loads *Multiple DC PMU units * Timing On-the-Fly * Mixed Signal Option

  • Production Test System

    G3 Hybrid - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The G3 Hybrid is a state of the art system for fast Production test throughput in DC test applications. The system combines the most versatile offerings of features in a single system, at the lowest cost. For devices requiring DC and Continuity test capability only, G3H is a very flexible cost-effective Production Test solution. This approach provides a DC test system with the capability to add logic resources (AC/SCAN) as well as analog resources for Mixed Signal. The HILEVEL G3H embraces low cost while supporting SCAN, giving you the ability to toggle every node in your chip.

  • Test System

    Griffin III - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The Griffin III system brings new price/performance efficiency to the Tester-in-a-Head tradition, a concept created and introduced by HILEVEL in 1987. This tester is a superior cost-effective solution for Engineering, Production, and Failure Analysis test applications.

  • Test System

    ETS788 - Hilevel Technology, Inc.

    The 55/110 MHz ETS788 system boasts the same small footprint and cool quiet CMOS architecture as our ETS780 but with the new high-performance precision components of our Griffin series. This powerful member of the HiLevel family takes advantage of all of the tried and true features that have served users so successfully to date. Learn why the ETS788 is the perfect cost-effective solution for higher performance in Design Verification, Production and Failure Analysis.