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Rycom Instruments® has become a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Our long-standing history has strengthened our ability to transform and reinvent ourselves to fit the needs of the locating industry. Every locating device made by Rycom Instruments®, Inc. is designed to make finding buried utilities simple, accurate and affordable.

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  • GPS Datalogging

    PATH-TRAQ™ - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    Taking locating to the next level. The PathTraq app allows for mapping, data logging and simplified file sharing of your locates.

  • PipeTRACK Traceable Duct Rodder

    Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    Ideal for line tracing buried non-metallic telecom HDPE conduits, metallic pipes or utility lines.

  • Signal Acquisition and Filtering Technology

    SNAPTrack® - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    Built on a proven design, and with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core, the SnapTRACK® offers RYCOM’s most advanced signal acquisition and filtering technology. The SnapTRACK® cable & pipe locator offers utility locators FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs. Multiple active frequencies allow the user to accurately locate with a minimum of interference while maintaining the ability continue locating past faults and around conduit bends. Passive frequencies identify "live" and charged lines by their naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. The SnapTRACK® offers multiple passive frequencies -- 50Hz, 60Hz, Radio Frequency, Cathodic Protection Rectifier & CATV -- allowing line locating without the use of a transmitter.

  • Pathfinder Locating System

    The STICK™ - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    Built with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core, the Stick offers RYCOM’s most ophisticated technology in an economical package. Pathfinder SAF Technology™ is the heart of our premium locators, now RYCOM is applying this proven technology throughout the entire product line. From crowded easements, to long runs of pipe, to the most demanding of locating environments, users can depend on The Stick. Dependability is not only driven by the internal technology, but The Stick is built to last with an aluminum housing and sealed against weather. The ruggedly designed and well balanced receiver includes an LCD screen providing relative and actual signal strength, as well as a speaker for variable audio pitch. A peaking signal response allows the user to minimize interference and maintain the locate on the target conductor. The Stick cable and pipe locator offers multiple active frequencies — from 50Hz to 82kHz — ensuring flexibility to match the needs of the most complicated locating environments. Transmitter functions include transmitter induction, coupler induction and direct connection. Whether the locate is measured in feet or miles, with automatic impedance matching from 5 ohm to 25,000 ohms and 3 watts of output power, The Stick will meet the challenge. Rycom Instruments®, Inc. locators are designed and manufactured to make utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want.

  • Precision Locating System

    Pathfinder PLS - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    The Pathfinder PLS is RYCOM's Precision Locating System for the damage prevention specialist...

  • Sonde Point Transmitter

    Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    Sondes are used to trace the path of non-metallic pipes and locate line blockages.

  • Magnastick

    MSL - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    The Magnastick™ MSL™ magnetometers seeks ferromagnetic objects by sensing their magnetic fields. Dual toroidal sensor coils are highly sensitive to the magnetic lines of flux naturally present in ferrous (iron) materials and are not affected by non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum, or copper.

  • Fault finder

    The STaff™ - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    The staff fault finder is designed to meet the demands of the professional troubleshooter but its simplicity and price make it a tool for anyone needing to locate cable faults. Arrows on the LCD screen direct the user to the fault with pinpoint accuracy. A reference indication also will aid the user in identifying multiple faults when present. Whether you are fault locating utility service line or locating a broken sprinkler wire, the STAFF is the professional's choice.

  • Inductive Coupler

    CLAMPMITTER™ - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    The CLAMPMITTER™ is a unique tool for inductive coupling. This self-contained inductive transmitter increases productivity, promotes safety and simplifies locates by condensing the transmitter and inductive coupler into one cordless package. Whether climbing down a manhole or accessing a utility box, the Clampmitter is an easy alternative to suiting up with a full transmitter and wired coupler.