Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

Taylor Dynamometer is a global manufacturer of engine, chassis and towing dynamometers, hydraulic test centers, data acquisition and control systems, electric motor testing systems, complete test cell solutions including consulting and design services.

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  • Water Brake Engine Dynamometers

    DH Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Ideal for gasoline engines and lower-horsepower diesel engines, Taylor Dynamometer’s DH Series Water Brake Engine Dynos can operate at speeds up to 5,500 rpm. Choose from three different models with capacities ranging from 270 to 805 hp (201 to 600 kW).

  • Water Brake Engine Dynos

    M2 Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Taylor Dynamometer’s M2 Series Water Brake Engine Dynos are designed to handle your most difficult operating conditions and are capable of unlimited, continuous use. This heavy-duty, yet small engine dynamometer has a capacity of 50 hp (37 kW) and a maximum of 6,000 rpm.

  • Water Brake (Hydraulic) Engine Dynamometers

    DX Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Also known as hydraulic dynamometers, the water brake DX Series accommodates up to 3,000 hp (2,237 kW) and capable of operating at up to 6,000 rpm. DX dynamometers can be operated in both directions of rotation. Explore the full range of 15 models to match your application.

  • Test Cell Design & Support Systems

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Do you need a complete test cell for your operation? Implementing such a solution is a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. So leave it to the dedicated experts at Taylor Dynamometer. We'll save you time and ensure your success while incorporating everything from data acquisition and controls to ventilation and cooling accessories – all in a way that maximizes efficiency, ease of use and opportunity for growth.

  • Portable Engine Dynamometers

    TD Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Portable Engine Dynos from Taylor Dynamometer are water brake style systems for diesel applications up to 1,000 hp (745 kW) and 3,000 ft-lb (4.068 N) of torque. Mount yours right on the engine in minutes for fast, convenient and reliable testing.

  • Towing Dynamometer

    RSL-15K - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Taylor Dynamometer proudly introduces the RSL-15K Towing Dynamometer capable of testing today’s full-sized sedans and mid- to full-sized SUVs. Uniquely designed to be as light as possible in order to minimize the drawbar load for smaller vehicles, the RSL-15K can also be ballasted significantly to properly load larger vehicles. Thus, the RSL-15K is capable of testing a wide range of vehicles, making them unsurpassable in the industry. The RSL-15K is the first RSL model to receive Taylor’s robust, house-designed transfer case that appeals to extreme-duty cycle users needing additional durability. The axle disengagement feature converts the towing dyno into a free spinning trailer during transportation. Thus reducing concerns for over-spinning the retarder and alternator and being over-powered by the absorber rotor’s spinning mass while braking. In turn, it saves wear and tear on the towing dynamometer but more importantly, makes it much safer to transport.

  • Towing Dynamometers

    RS & RSL Series - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Taylor Dynamometer builds the most reliable and technologically advanced towing dynos in the industry. From light passenger cars to heavy commercial truck vehicles, you can turn to us for a solution that saves you time and money by easily and reliably measuring attributes under a range of simulated load conditions, negative slopes and positive slopes up to 25% – all in a safe, controlled environment.

  • Towing Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Powerful, Accurate Towing Dynamometers (Dynos)Taylor Dynamometer builds the most reliable and technologically advanced towing dynos in the industry. By using our towing dynos, you save money, protect privacy, increase safety and enhance testing efficiency and accuracy. We’ve been supporting success in OEM transportation and military applications for over 40 years.

  • Versatile, Heavy-duty Hydraulic Test Centers

    HTC - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Those involved with heavy-duty mobile testing: dozers, trucks, mining equipment, skid steers, excavators, etc. need safe, efficient performance and consistent solutions for all powertrain testing needs. Taylor offers both a Complete and Transmission Bench to accommodate your testing requirements. The new HTC supports testing of: transmissions, hydraulic motors and cylinders, valve blocks, torque converters and open and closed loop pumps. The new HTC provides increasingly safe, efficient performance and consistent solutions for all powertrain testing needs including: Effortless contamination control to ISO 16/13/11 (per Cyclic Stabilization Test SAE ARP4205). Remote monitoring – the operator can be completely removed from the test environment. Dynamometer mode allows testing of a motor as a motor (not a pump). All ratings are continuous duty, not intermittent. No de-rating the test bench in 50 Hz countries. Includes the latest in data acquisition and control system technology – DynPro2.