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IXI Technology’s mission is to be the sought-after expert in the design, manufacture, marketing, and support of advanced technology solutions for military & defense, industrial controls and factory automation industries. Through our leadership we create value for our customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders while enhancing personal satisfaction and professional growth for our people.

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    IXI Technology

    he IXI Technology Data I/O Converter enables you to take advantage of these efficiencies by translating data from legacy military systems into industry-standard protocols that work with contemporary technology.

  • NTDS I/O Analyzer

    IXI Technology

    The NTDS I/O Analyzer provides insight and visibility, enabling users to quickly and efficiently analyze timing relationships, message protocols, throughput, and data integrity on all types of NTDS interfaces. It is capable of monitoring any combination of NTDS Parallel Type A, B, C, H and NTDS Serial Type D, E channels as defined in the MIL-STD-1397 revision B and C specifications regardless of NTDS mode. The channels are connected to existing NTDS cabling with NTDS tap boxes and extract ongoing communication. Each word of NTDS information received is time-stamped with a 125 nanosecond resolution clock ensuring highly accurate timing measurements. Data collected is stored locally for analysis and can be transmitted to external equipment enabling remote troubleshooting, event reconstruction, or time-critical feedback on system performance.

  • NTDS Universal Breakout Box

    IXI Technology

    IXI’s Universal Tap Box is the effortless way to make connections to parallel NTDS interfaces. It is equipped with the most common military NTDS connectors as well as header connections for IXI NTDS products and commercially available logic analyzers. Military connectors on the tap box are keyed to accept one NTDS parallel input/output cable pair. Each cable has a separate 32-bit path through the box. NTDS signals entering the box from any connector set are available at all other connector sets, making it easy to transition from one connector type to another or to insert a breakout point for tapping the signals. It can be used in a powered or unpowered state. When powered, it provides the NTDS signals as differential outputs on the logical analyzer headers.

  • Peripheral Equipment Emulators

    IXI Technology

    The Peripheral Replacement System emulates existing Navy peripheral equipment that is difficult and expensive to maintain. It combines the advantages of modern off-the-shelf technology with a robust mechanical design that allows it to meet the environmental specifications required for naval shipboard applications. The emulator is configured and operated via an intuitive GUI designed to minimize training time. Networking, remote control and greatly increased storage capacity are just some of the additional benefits provided by the use of the emulator.

  • Parallel NTDS Isolation Tap Box

    IXI Technology

    IXI’S NTDS parallel isolation tap box is the ideal solution for relibility tapping NTDS parallel type A, B, C, and H interfaces. It connects easily to existing cables forming a tee connection that can be used for data monitoring and acquisition over long distances without interference with your system.

  • Data Display Computer

    IXI Technology

    The IXI Technology Data Display Computer™ (DDC) is a general-purpose computer ideally suited for military, aerospace, or industrial applications. It is a direct replacement for the OJ-454(V)/UYK Data Display Computer and ORTSNET Workstation. It is designed to run the Navy’s ORTS Network Emulation Terminal (ORTSNET) software, providing status, maintenance direction, fault reporting, indication and display, and readiness assessment of the AEGIS Weapon System. While rugged in construction, the DDC makes maximum use of commercial off-the-shelf components so that it can be readily configured for specific applications. It will compute with Windows, Linux, Solaris, and other operating systems.

  • Multiplexers (MUX)

    WDM - IXI Technology

    It is highly desirable to reduce the number of cables required to communicate between spaces on Navy ships due to increased weight, cost and maintenance concerns. To reduce weight and expense, copper-based NTDS parallel and serial type cables can be converted to fiber optic and multiplexed using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology. WDM technology allows for multiple fiber optic wavelengths to be combined in a single fiber and then separated back to individual fibers at the distant end. Using Coarse WDM (CWDM) which utilizes wavelengths 20nm apart ranging from 1271 nm to 1611 nm, provides for up to 18 optical wavelengths to be combined into a single fiber. Optionally Dense WDM (DWDM) can be used allowing for up to 160 optical wavelengths.

  • Time Synchronization Card

    PMC/XMC - IXI Technology

    IXI Technology’s highly-accurate card provides time down to 62.5ns resolution in UNIX format. Its time-sourced, disciplined, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) or optional CSAC not only allows it to provide sub-second resolution, but also to “flywheel” during the absence or loss of carrier. The module has a status LED that indicates when the internal time is synchronized with the input time code. The card provides a programmable offset on its internal time from the input time source. The generated IRIG-B or 1588 output can be configured to be synchronous to the chosen input time source or configured to use the best available time source.