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PANSCO produces a variety of cable testers for troubleshooting LAN, Wi-Fi,Telecom, and Audio-Video networks and cables. We make tools for all problem solvers, from the network professional to the home user.

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  • Hotspot and Hidden Camera Detector

    PW-24 WiFiCat - Pansco, Ltd

    The WiFicat is a portable detector for finding 2.4 gigahertz 802.11 b/g WiFi hotspots and hidden cameras. Its automatic scan and audio alerts let you turn it on, then forget about it while you stroll through the area you’d like to check for hotspots. Never walk around with an open laptop or PDA waiting to stumble across a good signal again! The WiFicat detects signals up to 300 feet from the source outdoors, and 60 – 150 feet from the source indoors.

  • LAN Cable Tester

    PA-01D - Pansco, Ltd

    The LAN cable tester is a versatile, full-featured tool for testing many kinds of network cable. Loopback and remote tests may be performed automatically or manually, and will test cable continuity as well as identifying opens, shorts, reversed wiring, and miswiring in cables up to 2,000 ft. long. Shielded connectors allow the tester to test shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. The built-in tone generator generates a low emission frequency tone which can be detected by any market tone probe, making it easier to trace and locate cables. Uses 1 9V alkaline battery. CE Approved.

  • LAN Cable Tester

    PK-168 NEXTpro S2 - Pansco, Ltd

    PK-168 is capable of wire mapping by pin & pair up to 300 meters, Provides Telecom, Datacom and cable installers and technicians with NEXTpro S2 includes both pin by pin continuity test and split pairs (wrong twisted pairs) detection for testing Lan cable via one-ended (no remote) testing finds split pairs, opens or shorts.

  • LAN Cable Tester w/ Tone Generator

    PA-01T - Pansco, Ltd

    The LAN Cable Tester with Tone Generator is a perfect companion for any network professional. The tester can enhance one’s ability to quickly locate and verify the status of commonly used voice and data cables. It can perform loop-back or remote tests of network cables, displaying the results on an LED display, which moves from pin to pin automatically or manually. Its applications include testing cable and shield integrity and tracing cable.

  • LAN Check with Tone Generator

    PH-01 - Pansco, Ltd

    The LANCHECK consists of two modular units, a tester and a remote terminator. The modular design enables the tester to be used for local loop-back testing of patch cable or remote testing of pre-installed premise wiring. The LANCHECK makes it easy to recognize opens and shorts within a cable as well as identify reversed and miswired cables. It can verify a cable up to 2,000 feet in length. Furthermore, it comes with shielded connectors, which enables the testing of shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. It also features convenient Auto Scanning and precision Manual Scanning modes.

  • Multi Cable Tester

    PK-7890/7890R PanTester - Pansco, Ltd

    PANTESTER is an advanced multifunction pin-by-pin cable tester to verify cable integrity of Datacom. Telecom and Coaxial cables and displays the test results on the main unit. It includes 8 separate remote ID terminators allows one person to view test results for 8 installed cables at a time to save time and money. Capabilities including (A) Auto/ID test function – It allows users to quickly check up to 8 installed data, voice and Coax cable at a time. It displays the passed cable type, ID number and identifies crossover and reversed and faulty cable in a second. (B) Blink Hub function – It blinks the Hub/Switch port light for easy outlet and cable identification, locate corresponding outlet on Hub/Switch and identifies network activity and speed. (PK-7891 only) (C) Learning function – It makes testing cable in any quantity a snap. It memory’s stores any standard or custom configuration and performs on instant no-button check on each new cable plugged in, makes testing large quantities of cable quicker and easier. (D) Tone generator function – It allows you to send a Hi/ or Low tone on individual pin or pair and on all pins simultaneously to locate a wire break. The tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by Net Probe (PR-06P) or any market tone probe. It will make work shorter and easier for the professional and the layman alike.

  • Net Probe PRO

    PR-06PRO - Pansco, Ltd

    The one-in-all Net Probe Pro combines Blink Hub, Net link, Tone generator, Flash LED light and Trace tone functions. For identify active Network connection and confirm the end of a cable connect to a Network device or an open link. When for use with tone generator to identify, locate and trace wires, cables within a bundle, outlet or patch panel.

  • Net Toner & Probe Kit

    PR-60/60A - Pansco, Ltd

    The Net Toner & Probe Kit is a practical tool for telecom and network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The Net Toner has the unique feature of enhancing talk battery power supply to allow communication over inactive pairs, using telephone test sets. It provides two able tones which allow you to trace cable and locate faults for troubleshooting both voice and data circuits.

  • Network Cable Tester

    PR-40/40R VERIFIER - Pansco, Ltd

    The Verifier is a full-featured fault tester and tone generator for network, telephone, and coaxial cables. All results are displayed on the main unit, and 3 separate identifiable terminators allow one person to view test results for 3 cables at a time. Autoscan Mode automatically scans each twist pair and identifies any shorts, crossed pairs, miswirings, or reversed wirings that are found, Debug Mode displays the same faults one twist pair at a time. Tone Mode allows you to send a tone on all pins simultaneously, or on an individual pin to locate a wire break. Network Test feature identifies network speed and activity, and identifies a network line’s port number by blinking its port light at the network hub. The Verifier is a complete tool for network installation and troubleshooting.

  • Network Cable Tester

    PA-40 - Pansco, Ltd

    The PA-40 is designed to check both shielded and unshielded twisted pair (STP/UTP) and coaxial BNC-type network cables. With the push of a button, it tests all wires for continuity, miswiring, and polarization. Dual-colored LEDs let you identify correct and reversed pairs; using the included remote unit, cables may be tested before installation or after installation. Features tip/ring polarity test. Uses 1 9V battery.

  • Network Cable Tester with Breakout Box

    PA-30R - Pansco, Ltd

    The Network Cable Tester with Breakout Box offers all the features of the STP Cable Tester with the added feature of a versatile breakout box. The breakout box allows you to create your own twisted-pair wire circuits without removing the RJ-45 connectors, and can serve as a rewiring or termination device. It allows you, for instance, to connect pin 2 at one end of the cable to pin 6 at the other, or any other combination necessary. It offers a simple-to-use, no-buttons test for shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables such as T568 A/B and 10/100 Base-T. It evaluates cables immediately upon plug-in, displaying continuity, opens, and shorts on its easy-to-read LED display. Dual color LED determines whether cable is properly wired for data use, with straight-through pinning (lights up green), or for voice communication, with crossed pinning (lights up Red).

  • Network & Modular Cable Tester

    PR-50 All Check Plus - Pansco, Ltd

    The All-Check Plus is an all-purpose cable testing and tracing tool. Its twin units are plugged in at both ends of the cable. Pin-by-pin test results, cable type, and twist pair faults are displayed on both units. Both units can transmit or receive test signals. A built-in tone generator, when combined with any standard tone tracer, lets you send a signal on any pin or all pins, to quickly isolate and trace a cable to its destination. Automatic power off, battery low indicator.

  • Network, Port ID and Cable Tester

    PH-400 One for All - Pansco, Ltd

    The One For All is an all-in-one network tester, tone generator, cable tester, and port ID finder. It comes with a remote unit, allowing pin-by-pin tests of installed cables in addition to patch cables. The office ID feature allows the user to check the ID number of up to 100 networks or patch panel outlets without labeling the cables manually, and the tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by any market tone probe. The network tester blinks the network hub or NIC port light for the cable being tested, allowing easy cable and outlet identification; and it identifies network speed (10 Mbps vs. 10/100 Mbps vs. 10/100/1000 Mbps) and activity. Line tester included for detect live circuits and preventing damage to the tester.

  • Network Tester, Pin-by-Pin Cable Yester, and Tone Generator

    PH-100/120 LANTRACKER - Pansco, Ltd

    The Lantracker is a network tester, pin-by-pin cable tester, and tone generator all in one. As a network tester, it detects whether a network is active or inactive and displays network speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) in either case. It also flashes the network hub or NIC’s port light corresponding to the cable it is connected to, to show the cable’s port number. As a cable tester, it performs loop-back or remote tests of network, data, voice, and coaxial cables, displaying the results on a pin-by-pin LED display which moves from pin to pin automatically or manually. The Lantracker can be used to test cable or shield integrity, testing network function and speed, and tracing cable using its tone generator function (tone probe not included). Includes an adaptor for testing coaxial-F cable. Uses 1 9V battery.

  • Network Tester & Tone Generator

    PR-66 - Pansco, Ltd

    The NetEcho Toner & Probe Kit is a combination network tester and tone generator that speeds and simplifies telecom and network installation and troubleshooting. Its network tester detects network activity and indicates speed (10 Mbps, 10/100 Mbps, or 10/100/1000 Mbps), and its tone generator sends 2 able tones that the included Net Probe can trace to the far end of an installed cable. Its network tester has the added feature of flashing the network hub or NIC port light which corresponds to the test cable, so you can identify the cable’s port number. And an enhanced talk battery feature lets you draw enough battery power to communicate by voice even over inactive pairs, using telephone test sets (not included). The NetEcho Toner also tests cable continuity, line 1, line 2 polarity, and voltage in data and voice lines. It comes with two alligator clips, a 4-conductor (RJ-12) modular cable, and an RJ-45 jack, letting it test bare wires, telephone cord, network cable, and coaxial cable. An F- female coaxial connector is optional. for multiple connection options, which enable it to test telecom, network cable, coaxial cable, and bare wires.