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Cytec Corporation is a privately held business incorporated since 1980 and located in Upstate New York. We offer more than 25 different standard Switching Systems and can custom design Switching Systems to meet our clients' requirements.

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  • CXR Reed Relay Switch Modules

    Cytec Corp.

    These switch modules use high reliability reed relays for applications below 150 MHz. Fast, inexpensive reed relays are perfect for coaxial switching at lower frequencies. Switch times of 1 ms and life expectancy of 100 million operations. BNC connectors.

  • High Performance Switching Matrix Systems

    VX Series - Cytec Corp.

    The VX Series of low-cost, versitile switching systems use a modular concept of switch modules, display modules and control modules which can be assembled into VX/256 Mainframes as matrices, multiplexers, or individual relays.

  • High Density Switches, Switching Systems & Multiplexers

    JX Series - Cytec Corp.

    This compact and economically priced series can be used as either 1xN multiplexers, 2xN matrices, or individual switches. As multiplexers, they can be used as a large number of individual muxes or jumpered together to form as large a mux as you need to switch a large number of inputs or outputs to one common port. As a 2xN matrix they allow you to switch any number of signals between two ports of a DVM, DMM, LCR, or other type of meter or supply. Individual relay modules are available for other configurations requiring discrete SPST or SPDT relays with standard, mercury wetted or power relays.

  • High Density Switch Matrix

    PX Series - Cytec Corp.

    The PX Series of switching modules are compact and economically priced units using high reliability reed relay modules assembled into pre-wired mainframes or expansion chassis to assemble a 32x16 matrix, two 32x8 matrices or a 64x8 matrix with either single or double pole signal switching Computer control can be from IEEE488, RS232, or 10/100Base-T ethernet.

  • High Voltage Switching Systems

    HXV Series - Cytec Corp.

    The HXV Series computer controlled switching systems are used for high voltage and HIPOT applications. They consist of pre-wired mainframes and expansion chassis which hold selected switch modules needed to furnish the required matrix or multiplexer configuration.

  • Passive Fiber Optic Switches, Switching Systems and Multiplexers

    FO Series - Cytec Corp.

    Cytec's new FO Series Passive Fiber Optic Switching Systems are computer controlled chassis that are designed to switch standard fiber optic wavelengths of 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm. Multinode 62.5/125 um switches are available for 850 nm and 1310 nm wavelengths, while single mode 9/125 um switches are available for 1310 nm and 1550nm. Passive, bidirectional, moving fiber optic switches are used that show insertion losses as low as 0.10db for multi-mode and 0.25db for single-mode switches.

  • PC/AT/XT Compatible Modules

    PC Series - Cytec Corp.

    The PC Series Modules are broken into two distinct categories, PC-B and PCI. The PC-B modules plug into PC/AT/XT compatible ISA bus slots while the PCI modules plug into PCI slots. Both are available as either switch modules or driver modules. The modules can be controlled either by direct hardware port access or by installable device drivers. PCI modules come with plug and play device drivers. Software support is available for the most common program languages. The modules also have a special status feedback feature which enables the computer to confirm that the correct selections have been made by checking the relay drive. This can be used to self test the modules or as a diagnostic tool.

  • Analog or Digital Communications Switching Systems with D type Connectors

    RS Series - Cytec Corp.

    The RS Series computer controlled switching systems are designed to switch multi-wire groups of signal up to 25 wires. These systems are typically used for signals such as parallel TTL, RS232, RS422, WAN or modems, but can also be used for any group of analog or digital signals having a bandpass up to 30 MHz or a data rate up to 20 Mbps. A modular design concept is used that provides configuration flexibility by allowing display modules, different control modules and switch modules to be combined into a single chassis.

  • Tree Switch Modules

    CXG DC to 2 GHz - Cytec Corp.

    These switch modules use RF relays in a stubless tree switch configuration to provide 50 or 75 ohm impedance modules. 50 ohm modules are available with SMA or BNC connectors. 75 ohm modules are available with BNC or F connectors ( some modules).

  • Output Driver Modules

    LX8/OD - Cytec Corp.

    LX8/OD modules have discrete circuits that can be used to drive external devices such as large relays or solenoids. These driver modules are available with three different transisters or per your specs, to deal with TTL signals all the way up to 8 amps of current at 100 VDC. Opto isolated drives with status feedback to the remote computer. 16 Pin Screw Terminal mating connector included.

  • Switching Systems

    RJ Series - Cytec Corp.

    The RJ Series of computer controlled switching systems are designed for physical layer switching of multiwire signals om RJ style connectors. Since the system uses mechanical relays it acts exactly like a piece of cable which makes it perfect for testing networks without altering the signals or regeneration. These systems are typically used for Ethernet LAN 10BaseT through 10KBaseT, DSL, CAT5 through CAT6A cable testing, USB up to 2.0, RS422 up to 8 wire and many other applications switched over RJ45 connectors up to 8 wires. They may also be used as lab automation switches, network testing switches, patch panels, network redundancy switches or any number of physical layer applications.

  • Switch Modules

    LXB/4(1x2) - Cytec Corp.

    LXB/4(1x2) Switch Modules can be used to build 64x2 matrix configurations. Modular construction allows any size from 4x2 to 64x2 simply by adding more modules. A variety of relays and connector options allow configurations for almost any signal. Matrix configurations are non-blocking and allow any or all relays to be turned on at the same time for signal distribution.

  • Switch Modules

    LXB/2(1x4) - Cytec Corp.

    LXB/2(1x4) Switch Modules can be used to build dual 16x4 matrices, a single 32x4 matrix or a single 16x8 matrix. A variety of relays and connector options allow configurations for almost any signal. Matrix configurations are non-blocking and allow any or all relays to be turned on at the same time for signal distribution.

  • Switch Modules

    LX8/G1P-ST - Cytec Corp.

    LX8/G1P-ST Switch Modules are 1x8 Single wire configurations per module. The x8 relays can be bussed across all module slots for power distribution or the motherboard connections can be cut so each module simply acts as a single 1x8. !0 pin screw terminal connectors for easy wiring. Handles up to 8 amps hot switched and up to 2000 VA of switched power.

  • Switch Modules

    LX4/4x1-2-SMA - Cytec Corp.

    The LX4/4x1-2-SMA Switch Module is a two pole 4x1 mux with SMA connectors switching both the signal and outer conductor of the SMA connectors. Makes a useful 4x1 RF mux when the ground must be isolated from the switch chassis ground. Bandpass of 150 MHz. Type S reed relays with switch times of 1 ms. Will handle +/- 200 volts and up to 1 amp.