Gastops is recognized worldwide for its innovative contributions to the maintenance, productivity, and safety of critical equipment used in aviation, energy, marine, rail, and mining industries.

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  • Damage Indication

    FilterCHECK - Gastops

    Get the full picture immediately with FilterCHECK: accurate on-site damage indication — wherever you do maintenance.Equipment fluid filters have a story to tell. With FilterCHECK, filters reveal an accurate account of component wear and damage, plus a reliable prediction of the time remaining to component failure. Easy to use, field-deployable FilterCHECK automates filter debris analysis, so your team can manage maintenance decisions efficiently. Avoiding component failure, reducing maintenance costs and eliminating service interruptions: three reasons FilterCHECK belongs on the shop floor, wherever mission-critical equipment is serviced and maintained.

  • Material Identification Spectroscopy

    ChipCHECK - Gastops

    Gastops specializes in advanced fluid sensing and analysis systems specifically designed and developed for critical equipment condition monitoring applications.ChipCHECK offers the fastest way of making on-site equipment maintenance decisions. It is a field deployable analyzer designed for rapid on-site identification of equipment lube oil. This automated maintenance decision-support tool employs innovative laser spectroscopic technology, which enables on-site analysis of microscopic chip debris. ChipCHECK provides the maintainers with quick, reliable, and conclusive information, including the total number of particles, and the size, shape, and specific alloy classification for each individual particle on the sample.

  • Equipment Condition Indication

    MetalSCAN - Gastops

    Condition indication in real-time, so you can schedule maintenance at the right time.MetalSCAN is the leading real-time, on-line condition indication technology designed to alert equipment operators to bearing and gear damage, long before equipment failure. Nothing else comes close. Its advanced capabilities deliver knowledge that transforms equipment failure to predictable and avoidable high cost events. Use MetalSCAN to optimize maintenance schedules, reduce repair costs, increase reliability and improve safety.