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Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co. Ltd. was founded in 2001. With the base management idea of profession and marketing, Vigor carries out the business of sensors¡¯ R&D, marketing service and technical support, solution providing as well as all respects of technical service application worldwide.

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  • Marine Inclinometer

    SST300 - Vigor Technology

    1. The underwater tilt sensor combines high-precision and real-time remote communication capabilities to monitor the tilting posture of underwater structures or slowly moving objects. The high-performance SST300 marine inclinometer is fixed in a rugged, waterproof enclosure that works stably up to 3000m underwater.2. The stainless steel casing is processed and welded. Each product meets the high pressure test and provides extreme endurance in a long-term underwater high pressure environment. The cable and socket are a submarine-grade connector that provides water resistance of water depths exceeding 3,000 meters.3. This unit provides ±0.1%FS cross-axis sensitivity and ±0.01° combined absolute accuracy. It is a real high performance product.4. In order to solve the installation error caused by underwater installation, the sensor adopts “mounting alignment deviation” to reduce the installation error. The sensor can be mounted directly on a horizontal, vertical or inclined surface.

  • Mine 3D Laser Scanner

    SSH0801 - Vigor Technology

    . This 3D laser scanner is designed according to the national standard of Class I mine explosion-proof d-type equipment, and it is suitable for underground coal mine working environment.. Capable of achieving high-precision scanning measurement of tunnels and 3D point cloud modeling.. Independent-modularization, versatile, suitable for system integration needs.. Meet long-term continuous use needs.

  • High-Speed 3D Laser Scanner

    SSH0804W - Vigor Technology

    . Two-axis architecture, automatic continuous linear fast scan, no dead angle in the scanning range;. 18-bit encoder servo control accuracy reaches 0.01°, sampling density is less than 5mm in single-axis mode with 12m typical distance, it can reach 1mm in dual-axis mode;. Infrared ranging, the maximum distance is 70m;. Horizontal installation, convenient and stable, with good shock resistance;. No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement;. Optional handle operator;. Standard Ethernet communication protocol.

  • In-Place Tiltmeter

    SST2200 - Vigor Technology

    SST2200 in-place tiltmeter is a high-precision, highest-reliability, dual-axis measuring sensor, mainly used in measuring vertical or horizontal tilt angle (or displacement) of solid mass, rock mass or structure's deformation. It is designed for realizing multi-sensors connection and embedded installation. It mainly can monitor displacement of the earth's surface, uneven subsidence, structural deformation and etc.

  • 3D Laser Scanner

    SSH0803W - Vigor Technology

    . Stable biaxial structure, automatic continuous scanning, no dead angle in the scanning range;. 16-bit encoder servo control accuracy reaches 0.01 °, high precision and low speed measurement;. Red light ranging, the maximum distance is 40m;. Directivity measurement optimization, orientation and single point high precision positioning;. High cost performance;. Horizontal base installation, convenient and stable, with good anti-vibration performance;. No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement;. Optional handle operator;. Standard Ethernet communication protocol.

  • Dynamic Gyroscope Inclinomter

    SST810 - Vigor Technology

    SST810 dynamic gyroscope inclinometer is an inertial product that provides high roll rate and pitch angle measurement for moving objects. It can achieve 100Hz refresh rate with only 20ms delay.The measurement results of conventional tilt sensor which is based on accelerometer or electrolyte principle will be affected by the additional axial acceleration and centripetal acceleration when in dynamic use situations such as vehicle motion and ship swaying motion. Thus, the effective angle measurement data cannot be identified, and the accuracy is also not guaranteed. However, our SST810 adopts advanced inertial navigation technology can accurately measure the dynamic roll angle and pitch angle of the carrier without the assistance of GPS.

  • Electronic Levelmeter

    SST900 - Vigor Technology

    SST900 electronic levelmeter adopts an inertial navigation level servo accelerometer, and the resolution of its core sensitive device reaches 0.1μg, frequency response reaches 10Hz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is more than 120dB. The measurement accuracy of SST900 electronic levelmeter is up to ±1.0" at room temperature.

  • Tilt Angle Sensor

    SST00 - Vigor Technology

    SST100 series tilt angle sensor is a highly-reliable tilt angle measurement product developed for the construction machinery industry. This series has been designed with full-filling seals, enhanced design of PCBA, optimized design of power management, enhanced shock and vibration resistance, 30KG tensile cable as well as precision-machined aluminum alloy casings, which effectively ensures the reliability and stability of this tilt angle sensor. SST100 has passed various strict tests such as motion simulation life test, professional automated testing and etc.

  • Tunnel 3D Laser Scanner

    SSH0802 - Vigor Technology

    . Non-contact measurement;. Measuring distance up to 60m;. Relative measurement accuracy is not less than 2mm;. Absolute positioning accuracy is not less than 3cm;. Two-axis rotation angle range ± 170°;. Industrial Ethernet port;. Convenient and easy to install;. Easy to use interface;. Plug and play design;. High-strength aluminum alloy material, the whole machine is reinforced;. Well sealed design with upgraded protection to IP67.