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Ajinkya Electronic Systems, established in 1988, with an aim to design and develop Microprocessor Based Systems for Industrial Controls. Over the years company has established itself as a reliable source for OEM requirements and as Manufacturer of Specialised Industrial Control Systems

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  • Hour Meter

    IM1714 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier of Timer. Suitable for usage of House, Industry, Air condition, the offered hour meter is manufactured with high grade material and advanced quality. This hour meter is provided in different specifications to meet the variegated needs of our patrons. Our hour meter is rigorously tested by the team of vendor's quality controllers in order to deliver a defect free range.

  • Humidity / Rh Data Logger

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Our Humidity/ Rh Data Loggers that are highly versatile monitoring & recording units. These can accept input from different type of humidity sensors as well as RTD sensor for Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb measurement technique. Moreover, these loggers can be used for monitoring of clean rooms, green rooms, server rooms, storage rooms & environment chambers in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, textile, cement, & logistics.

  • Jigger Controller

    IM1814 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer exporter supplier of Jigger Controllelr. Jiggar Controller is for Automation of Jiggar Operation used in Textile Mills. The controller controls the forward and reverse operation of the motor accurately, such that same length of cloth is wound on the roller and there is no error. Unit has two displays to show counts and can sense the revolution pulses through proximity or optical encoder. The controller has manual mode to adjust the cloth on either of the rollers before starting the operation. The unit is available in compact size of 96 x 96 mm and is ideal for Jiggar Machine Manufacturers as well as Textile Manufacturers.

  • Large Display Size Counter

    IM1813 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer, exporter, supplier of Digital Counter, or simply counter, is a semiconductor device that is used for counting the number of times that a digital event has occurred. The counter's output is indexed by one LSB every time the counter is clocked. This Counter are manufactured in large size Display and can Viewable from long Distance

  • Load Elongation Indicator

    IM1508 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    We are one of the leading and well known manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier since 1988. Our Vast experience of more than has made us grow our business globally. These unit are used for measuring and testing quality, stretch of the Textile process systems. They are high in demand by Industries of Textiles etc.

  • Manual ON / Auto Pump Off Level Controller

    IM1729 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Pump is switched on when overhead tank is empty and is switched off when either overhead tank is full or underground tank is empty. Apart from this it has provision to switch pump automatically as per time of the day as well, just the way your pump man does now. And the importance of time control we need not tell you! You know how you missed 7. 02 local the other day because your pump man started the pump 15 minutes late. As an additional feature one time dependent switch is provided so that your common society lights can be controlled from the same unit as well.

  • Almanac Time Switch

    IM1754 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier of Time Switch. This Almanac time switch has added advantage over daily dial or weekly timers.Timer provides two outputs to drive contactors of different ratings. These outputs can be used with different combinations to achieve desired output. Timer is provided with manual override facility. Optional detachable external keyboard unit provided to avoid unauthorized access.

  • Ampere Hour Logger

    IM2511 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2511 is AH meter with Logging Facility. It logs Dc Voltage, Dc Current, AH count (charge) and / or Watt Hour count (energy).Voltage range and Shunt value are Programmable, making this unit universally working for any DC circuitry.Display of Voltage and current allows user to do away with traditional meters and cost saving.The reports are generated in text format which can be either printed directly on a serial printer or can be exported to PC and viewed in an editor or Excel.

  • Ampere Hour Meter

    IM2503C - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2503C model is ideal for electroplating applications. Two doser relay outputs are provided which can automise the process of adding additive and brightener; basically chemicals to replenish the bath strength. Meter has two displays. One to show current flowing in the circuit and other two show the totaliser as well as present AH Count. Operation can be on Ampere hour or ampere minute calculations depending on application.

  • Ampere Hour Meter

    IM2501 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ampere Hour meters are devices to measure charge flowing in a process. These are widely used in Electroplating and Battery charging applications to monitor the charge and battery applications, discharge as well. IM 2501 Ampere Meter has 4 digit display, integrated with a set point to control the rectifier. Meter operates a relay, when some amount of charge is made to pass. This relay is basically used to shut off from the rectifier. User can then change the job. Display also shows current flowing in the circuit and thus no need of using an additional ammeter in the panel . These are also available as ampere minute meters, ampere second meters depending on the applications. Are also popularly known as AH meter or AM meter.

  • Ampere Hour Meter Module

    TE2504 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    This Ampere Hour Meter is specially designed for those clients who have a ready setup or for applications where the current requirements are relatively low. TE2504 is a ready to use stand alone panel which is a step ahead of IM2501, IM2502 and IM2503 which are basically panel mount instruments which need to be fixed in the rectifier or an independent panel.

  • Ampere Hour Meters

    IM 2500 Series - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM 2500 Series Ampere Hour Meters are instruments for Battery Monitoring and Electroplating Applications. Numerous options and features make it highly versatile and suitable for various applications. Use of timer control in such applications is highly inaccurate. AH meter replaces the timer giving precise control and many more facilities

  • Ampere Hour Meter With Three Doser

    IM2509 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2509 model ampere hour meter is provided with three control relay outputs to facilitate addition of three chemicals. It should be noted that this feature is improvement over the IM2503 model which offers two control relay outputs to control a addition of two chemicals.The other features of IM2502C model are retained in this model.

  • Ampere Hour Meter With Timer

    IM2510 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2510 AH Meter with Timer is basically a ampere Hour meter with the Provision Timer which Switches on a relay after pre define time even if the charge dosent reaches it set Points. Typical application of this would be in battery charging or discharging where battery might not charge or discharge to a specified level within a certain time period. The process needs to be stopped after either time is over or charge level is reached.

  • Ampere Hour Profile Controller

    IM2508 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    This ampere hour meter is designed to control rectifier during battery formation process.IM2508 ampere hour profile meter which is a programmable step profile type device. During the battery formation process, the battery must be charged at different ampere hour capacity in steps. Some of the special features of the product include short circuit monitoring, starting current control and bar forming timer.