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Transcom Instruments, focuses on Test & Measurement in wireless communications and microwave field is established in year 1999. Throughout these years, Transcom has developed a number of Test & Measurement instruments and has gained the ownership of several Intellectual Properties of it’s core technologies. Transcom is becoming the leading edge Test & Measurement instruments and solutions provider for the industry.

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  • RF Sensor

    RFHawk - Transcom Instruments

    RFHawk sensor can be used to collect and process mass data, and supports TDOA location. When the RFHawk sensor connect to network, the Radio Grid Monitoring System can perform channel monitoring, spectrum sweeping, traditional TDOA,virtual enhanced TDOA and other radio monitoring and acquisition functions.Thus RFHawk provides costeffective solution for radio monitoring/location and spectrum management.

  • Channel Emulator

    Pathrrot X2 - Transcom Instruments

    Pathrrot X2 channel emulator is the latest wireless measurement instrument launched by Transcom Instruments, which is oriented to the emulation for 4G/5G channel environment. It widely supports all kinds of MIMO channel models and has excellent RF performance, rich channel models, and friendly user experience etc. As a substitute of traditional field testing, the channel emulator can easily simulate the real world wireless propagation in the laboratory (i.e., virtual field test) by using real-time emulation capabilities of the instrument.

  • Vector Signal Analyzer

    A6 - Transcom Instruments

    A6 is a vector signal analyzer with compact design. With excellent testing performance and measurement sensitivity, A6 satisfies the testing requirements of the majority of RF signals. A6 satisfies the needs of general spectrum test, signal demodulation of GSM, WCDMA, LTE and NB-IoT signals.

  • Vector Signal Generator

    G6 - Transcom Instruments

    G6 Vector Signal Generator is a high performance vector signal generator. It can generate arbitrary wave signal, continuous wave signal, common vector signal, digital signal, standard wireless vector signal, standard radio signal and customized signal. G6 is applicable for educational practices, wireless monitoring, mobile communication, aerospace and national defense industry in terms of research, manufacturing, testing and measurement, and electronic countermeasure.

  • USB Vector Network Analyzer

    T4/T6 - Transcom Instruments

    T series USB Vector Network Analyzer offers wide dynamic range,low noise level, high resolution scanning with laboratory and research grade performance. T4 covers frequency range of 1MHz to 4GHz and T6 covers frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz, with 2-port and 2-pass that competitive with most of the bench-top VNAs on the market.