Supplier of IP performance test equipment for network, switch, router and device testing. NuStreams Ethernet multichannel IP traffic packet generators are used in R&D, DVT and production testing. Network simulators / emulators for network impairment testing.

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  • Network Active TAP

    NuTAP - Omnicor

    NuTAP provides a safe, secure and cost-effective way for the deployment of IDS sensor into full-duplex links by aggregating both directions of the full-duplex streams on up to 4 different network segments into a single 1000Mbps monitoring port. The IDS sensors could then see both conversations on each side of the monitored network segments with only one interface. Because the IDS sensor is hidden behind the TAP, it’s shielded from direct attacks from the link being monitored.

  • Network Active TAP

    NuTAP-303 - Omnicor

    NuTAP-303 is portable network TAP equipment that can monitor and redirect any data streams that flow through this equipment. Network TAP is a method for monitoring dynamic situation of network without intruding it.

  • Network Media Converter

    XG2 Series - Omnicor

    All XG2 Series are equipped with real-time LED display which shows the status of each port. The built-in loopback functions provide troubleshooting ability via sending packets like BERT patterns to network equipment.

  • TIiming and Navigation


    More and more customers require highly reliable and accurate synchronization of networks and manufacturing equipment. We can also provide GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO antennas and low-loss cables, with mounting kits and lightning arrestors. Time Service Software to synchronize and monitor all the Windows PCs of your LAN. We excel in static and mobile applications at very low temperatures from – 40C to +80 C.

  • Surge Arresters


    Surge arresters are devices for protection of electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by atmospheric or internal switching events. Sometimes called a surge protection devices. They are designed to divert excessive voltages to ground and thus protect equipment in power transmission and distribution systems.Many types of surge arrestors are available in both polymer and ceramic housing and for AC and DC applications. Typically designed to cover voltages from 6.6 kV to 1000 kV arresters protect distribution transformers, power equipment, cables and power station equipment. In special environments metal oxide varistors, also known as zinc oxide (ZnO) blocks, can be used inside GIS housing, pole mounted distribution transformers and power transformers. Prevailing standards governing this type of technology are IEC 60099-4 and IEEE C62.11.

  • Hand Held Test Systems


    In general, to perform a loopback test requires two test ports on both packet generator and DUT/NUT for transmission and receiving of test packets. It may not be available to do the loopback test in real network environment if the network under test is located far away from the packet generator with only one linked network cable.

  • Ethernet Burst Mode Matrix

    XM Series - Omnicor

    4 Ports 10/100Mbps Ethernet Test Module with RJ-45 connectorsTraffic generation and analysis:Synchronous generation and analysis of layer 2 to 7 trafficWirespeed generation and capture or analysis of Ethernet trafficUser pattern based packets generationSingle / burst / multi-burst / continuous packets generationGeneration of packets for protocols such as IP, UDP, IPX, TCP, IGMP, MPLS, VLAN, OSPF and user-defined protocols

  • Ethernet Rapid Matrix

    XM-RM Series - Omnicor

    XM-RM series can be divided into Standard and Professional types. The advantage of Standard XM-RM series is that there are more test ports on each module. The cost per test port is lower for mass-production scale DUT tests. Having similar features like Professional XM-RM series, Standard XM-RM series, with less capacity, provide reliable DUT test results at mass-production line.

  • Ethernet Test System

    NuStreams 700 - Omnicor

    Xtramus NuStreams chassis NuStreams-700 is an ideal test beds for lab design, troubleshooting and mass production test of network products. Supports 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.

  • Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems

    Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Omnicor

    NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.

  • Zinc Oxide Blocks


    Zinc oxide (ZnO) blocks for surge arresters have been developed since 1970’. Since then, over 20 million pieces have been delivered all over the world. Backed up with many years of experience, we offer high-quality high-performance blocks in different sizes for light duty to heavy duty equipment and for AC to DC applications, and different installation environments. Typical zinc oxide blocks are available for surge arresters in distribution class, substation class, DC surge arresters class, GIS type surge arresters and oil-immersed type surge arrestors.

  • Variable Vacuum Capacitors for RF Matching Networks


    Variable vacuum capacitor Medium power applications.

  • Network Testing and Simulation Tools


    Network IP traffic packet generators are used for network performance testing under maximum or partial throughput conditions. Network health can be analyzed by network traffic measurement in a testbed network, using an IP network traffic generator such as IP Traffic Test and Measure. The traffic generator sends packets, often with a unique packet identifier, making it possible to keep track of the packet delivery in the network. Network impairment simulation (emulation) is a technique for testing the performance of real applications over a virtual network. The aim is to assess performance, predict the impact of change, analyze impairment conditions or otherwise optimize technology decision-making. Measurements usually focus on simulation of conditions like delay, jitter, latency, dropped packets and limited bandwidth.

  • Vacuum Capacitors


    Uses a high vacuum as the dielectric instead of air or other insulating material. This allows for a higher voltage rating than an air dielectric using a smaller total volume.

  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers

    VCB - Omnicor

    A vacuum circuit breaker is a type of circuit breaker where the arc quenching takes place in vacuum. The technology is suitable for mainly medium and high voltage application. developed but not commercially viable. The operation of opening and closing of current carrying contacts and associated arc interruption take place in a vacuum chamber also known as vacuum interrupter. The vacuum interrupter consists of a steel arc chamber in the center symmetrically arranged ceramic insulators. The vacuum pressure inside a vacuum interrupter is normally maintained at 10- 6 bar. Contacts design styles include transverse magnetic field( TMF) and axial magnetic field (AMF).