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Since 1976, IET Labs, Inc. has had a long-standing commitment to conform the instruments and standards we offer to the customer's needs rather than to have the customer settle for what is available. We devote our customer service and applications entirely to the customer's satisfaction in the quality standards, test instruments and calibration service we provide. In the year 2000, IET Labs acquired the GenRad standards, decade box, audio and strobe product lines and now continues to service and support these "In the Genrad Tradition..." Our experienced engineering and service staff make it possible to offer:

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  • Capacitance Bridge

    1621 - IET Labs

    The GenRad1621 Capacitance Measurement system is a completely self-contained system capable of capacitance measurements in increments as small as 0.1 aF (10-4 pF) and conductance measurements in increments as small as 100 aU (10-7 U; equivalent to a shunt resistance of 1010 M). Measurements are three terminal, with 2- or 3-terminal connection, and provision is also made for the connection of an external standard for comparison measurements.

  • Capacitance Bridge

    1620 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1620-A Capacitance Measuring System is a self-contained assembly of the GR 1615-A Capacitance Bridge with appropriate oscillator and null detector for measurements at 11 frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. For applications requiring other or higher frequencies, to 100 kHz, the 1615-A bridge can be supplied separately and the oscillator and detector selected to meet your needs.

  • Capacitance Standard

    SCA Series - IET Labs

    The SCA Standard Capacitor series are highly stable cost-effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values of 1 pF - 10,000 F. The cost and flexibility make this our most popular capacitance standard.

  • Capacitance Standard

    GenRad 1417 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1417 Four-Terminal Capacitance Standard consists of a 1 F standard capacitor and two precise inductive voltage dividers used to scale the value of the 1 F capacitor up to 1 F in decade steps. This arrangement provides accuracy and stability unattainable with very high-value true capacitors.

  • Benchtop LCR Meter

    1692 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1692 LCR Meter is a sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled tester that brings new levels of flexibility, simplicity and accuracy to RLC measurement. It's testing automation at its best with a range of programmable test frequencies and test voltages, as well as automatic limit comparison, automatic parameter selection, remote programmability, automatic binning and automatic zeroing. The display facilitates visual acquisition of test data and eliminates costly guesswork and errors. The 1692 LCR Meter provides a powerful combination of features designed to maximize productivity in production testing applications.

  • Digibridge

    1659 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1659 Digibridge RLC Tester is an easily programmable, microprocessor-based high performance passive component tester. It automatically identifies the type of component under test and measures in the proper range. The result is simple, precise, unambiguous RLC component testing. The GenRad 1659 RLC Digibridge is an instrument for measuring primary parameters of inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) and secondary parameters of dissipation factor (D) and quality factor (Q). GenRad designed this single compact unit with maximum flexibility and operator convenience in mind. The simple front panel design of the Digibridge requires less effort to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily.

  • Cost Effective Capacitance Decade Box

    CS Series - IET Labs

    The CS Series Capacitance Decade Box is a cost effective and commonly used capacitance decade box for production and educational applications

  • Decade Capacitance Box

    1412-BC - IET Labs

    The wide capacitance range and high resolution of the GenRad 1412-BC decade capacitance box make it exceptionally useful in both laboratory and test shop. Owing to its fine adjustment of capacitance, it is a convenient variable capacitor to use with an Impedance Comparator. The polystyrene dielectric used in the decade steps is necessary for applications requiring low dielectric absorption and constancy of both capacitance and dissipation factor with frequency.

  • Decade Capacitor

    1419 Series - IET Labs

    GenRad 1419-A and GenRad 1419-B (Polystyrene) Owing to its very low dielectric absorption, the GenRad 1419A 3 Decade 1000 pF/step & 1419B 4 Decade 100 pF/step Polystyrene Decade Capacitors are particularly useful in research and development work on computer and integrator circuits and on low-level amplifiers. Its constancy of capacitance and dissipation factor as a function of frequency also makes it extremely useful in measuring circuits and as a component in filters and tuned circuits. High insulation resistance and low dielectric absorption make it the 1419 Decade Capacitor a nearly ideal capacitor for dc work.

  • Decade Capacitor

    GenRad 1423-A - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1423 decade capacitor is a versatile tool for calibration laboratories and production-line testing. With it a bridge can be standardized to an accuracy exceeded only by that of the highest quality, individually certified laboratory standards such as the GR 1404 Reference Standard Capacitors.Used with a limit bridge, such as the GR 1689 Digibridge, the 1423 facilities fast and accurate production-line measurements of arbitrary capacitancevalues with minimum setup time.

  • Decade Resistance Substituter Lab Standard

    HARS-LX Series - IET Labs

    The HARS-LX substituter is a precision resistance source with excellent characteristics of accuracy, stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient. All these features serve to make it a laboratory resistance standard, exceeded in performance only by stand-alone standard resistors.

  • Decade Resistor

    esi / Tegam DB62 - IET Labs

    IET has improved the specifications on esi/Tegam's DB62 decade resistor. These Decade Resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy of 0.01%, stability, and low zero resistance are important

  • Decade Resistor

    1433 Series - IET Labs

    The 1433 Decade Resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy, stability, and low zero resistance are important. They are convenient resistance standards for checking the accuracy of resistance-measuring devices and are used as components in dc and audio-frequency applications.

  • Digital Megohmmeter I/R Tester

    1865+ - IET Labs

    Precision Measurements: The IET Labs 1865 + Megohmmeter provides resistance measurement capability from 1k to 100T (test voltage dependent) with a basic accuracy of 0.5%. To meet test requirements for a wide range of devices, the test voltage is fully programmable up to 1000V DC. Sensing the proper resistance measurement range is done automatically, thus eliminating setup errors; and in order to eliminate lead or fixture errors, the operator can easily initiate an automatic zeroing routine of test leads.

  • Megohmmeter

    1864-9700 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1864 Megohmmeter is the choice for more demanding applications. The test voltage can be set to any value from 10VDC to 109VDC in 1-volt steps and to 1090VDC in 10 volt steps. Thus the GenRad 1864 can be set to any common, or uncommon test voltage for ceramic, mica or paper capacitors, or other devices. The reverse resistance of rectifiers can be readily measured; the low test voltages are especially useful in measuring solid state diodes. An additional range on the 1864 Megohmmeter permits measurements up to 200 T (2 x 1014)