Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software product developed by Artica ST, a Spanish company founded in 2005 specializing in software development, mainly in the security and systems area. It has partners and customers worldwide in various market sectors such as energy, banking, industry and, of course, integrators and IT service providers.

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  • SAP R3 Monitoring

    Pandora FMS

    Pandora FMS has a specific, preconfigured solution to monitor all SAP environments (R/3, CRM, SRM, BI, XI/PI, WAS Netweaver, etc.). It also has a default set of monitors that will save us the time needed to perform a daily checklist of the system, and will allow you to send alerts reporting on each event you decide to.

  • Mainframe Monitoring

    Pandora FMS

    Pandora FMS is a mainframe monitoring tool. Due to the flexibility and power of Pandora FMS, it can monitor a huge range of applications and systems. Since Pandora FMS is a monitoring tool for large organisations, it also monitors the mainframe.

  • Pandora FMS Network Monitoring

    Network Monitoring - Pandora FMS

    Pandora FMS is a network monitoring solution able to be integrated in any type of network. Moreover, it can monitor layers above the network such as systems, servers, applications and business processes.

  • Monitoring Software

    Pandora Enterprise - Pandora FMS

    Pandora FMS has complete and detailed application performance monitoring metrics for more than 200 applications: Oracle, Exchange, IIS, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, DB2, Active Directory, Apache and many more. We support all community plugins and also have enterprise-grade plugins for monitoring all common enterprise technologies.Want to learn more?

  • NMS Monitoring

    Pandora FMS

    The NMS version is focused solely on agentless monitoring. Generally speaking, environments under this type of monitoring have a larger number of devices, but they don’t need such detailed personalization as agent-based monitoring does.With Pandora FMS NMS version, you’ll be able to monitor thousands of devices using SNMP and ICMP polling technologies, trace network topology maps, automatically produce scheduled reports, configure alert-correlation rules, retrieve results from SNMP Traps, perform level 2 topology detection, and more, all at a lower cost.