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  • Actuator in VHDL-AMS with SystemVision

    Infolytica Corp.

    Modeling an electromagnetic actuator in a systems context is sometimes required to accurately simulate the dynamic interaction between drive circuit, actuator, and load. Co-simulation, where a systems simulator and MagNet run parallel transient solves, is one method that can be used. An alternative approach, Response Surface Modeling (RSM), creates a functionally equivalent model of the actuator by performing a large number of static analyses at different currents and positions. Presented here is an example of an RSM embedded in a VHDL-AMS model of the actuator, used in conjunction with the SystemVision system simulator from Mentor Graphics. The procedure is automated with the System Model Generator which drives MagNet to execute its static solver and then generates the VHDL-AMS code which implements the RSM. VHDL-AMS is an IEEE standard (1076.1) supported by many circuit and system simulators.


    OptiNet - Infolytica Corp.

    OptiNet is an automated design optimization option to MagNet, ElecNet and MagNet-ThermNet coupled together. Using advanced and efficient algorithms, OptiNet can find optimal values for different design variables within the constraints specified.OptiNet's useful features include:Continuous-value and discrete-value variables and optimizationEvolutionary-based Stochastic search is very efficient, even for a large number of parametersBuilt-in and customizable scripts for objective functions and constraintsEvaluate the impact of variations in the design parameters


    ElecNet v7 - Infolytica Corp.

    ElecNet 2D/3D is the leading electric field simulation software tool. Designers can easily model the most complicated devices and accurately predict their behavior. Based on finite element analysis methods, ElecNet solves static, AC and transient electric field and current flow problems.Analyze and predict the performance of:TransformersInsulation SystemsEMC CompatibilityBus BarsMEMSHigh Voltage ComponentsShieldingCablesCapacitive Sensors/NDTMany more


    MagNet v7 - Infolytica Corp.

    MagNet v7 2D/3D simulation software for electromagnetic fields let's you rapidly model and predict the performance of any electromagnetic or electromechanical device:


    MotorSolve BLDC - Infolytica Corp.

    MotorSolve BLDC, our electric motor design software for brushless dc and permanent magnet AC machines, combines easy-to-use templates with an automated-FEA solver to calculate performance.Most modern electric motors do not adhere to the rules of thumb and general approximations used by designers for decades. Meeting the growing demand for higher efficiency & lower costs requires software that delivers reliable results and does not give false predictions for crucial performance factors resulting in avoidable and costly complications. Only FEA simulations:Predict performance properly when there is saturationAccount for all sources of loss such as eddy current and hysteresis


    MotorSolve IM - Infolytica Corp.

    MotorSolve IM is the most accurate design and analysis software for induction motors and generators due to its automated finite element results module. The easy to use template based interface includes dozens of editable rotor and stator types. The automated coil winding feature determines all optimal balanced layouts available for the current design.Use MotorSolve IM to design your machine and take into account important effects such as:Leakage InductancesIron LossesEfficiencyDeep Bar EffectsStator End EffectsSkewingEffects of switching on motor characteristics due to inverter fed phases


    MotorSolve SRM - Infolytica Corp.

    MotorSolve SRM is an effortless way to design any number of switched reluctance machines for extensive study in MagNet. The easy to use template based interface includes editable rotor and stator types.MotorSolve SRM uses a template-based GUI which makes creating new designs from scratch effortless - just select a rotor and stator type then specify information such as:Number of poles and slots - can be arbitrarily largeStack lengthBasic geometric dimensions of the coils and teethLamination and coil materialSkewing

  • MagNet Plug-in for PSIM

    Infolytica Corp.

    The MagNet Plug-in for PSIM enables co-simulation capabilities between PSIM (from Powersim Inc.) and MagNet.The voltage and current signals of PSIM are transferred to MagNet (and vice versa) during the co-simulation process. This constant data exchange links the two models and produces interdependent multi-domain results.

  • MagNet Plug-in for Simulink

    Infolytica Corp.

    The MagNet Plug-in for Simulink (from The MathWorks) combines the analysis capabilities of these two software tools, offering a powerful and efficient solution to designers of electromechanical devices with closed-loop control circuits (such as motors or actuators).

  • Trajectory Evaluator

    Infolytica Corp.

    The Trajectory Evaluator module permits the user to simulate the trajectory of a particle over time, either with:ElecNet models solved with the 3D electrostatic solverMagNet models solved with the 3D magnetostatic solverA combination of magnetic and electric fields from MagNet and ElecNetCoefficient of viscosity, also known as drag, can be added to the particleRelativistic effectsThe Trajectory Evaluator program has a dialog interface. It is set up to run as a wizard, requesting input information from the user at each step before it is run. The program output includes:A text output file listing the position, velocity, and acceleration of the particle after each time stepA representation of the particle's trajectory, drawn within the view of the modelGraphs output of the position, velocity, and acceleration of the particle after each time stepFor electrostatic models - an AC field can be simulated by specifying a frequency

  • System Model Generator

    Infolytica Corp.

    An electromechanical device in MagNet can be exported as an RSM in VHDL-AMS format for use in third party system simulation software.